Which Books Have YOU Re-Read Time and Time Again??

I've read The Hobbit about 4 times. I've read Lord of the Rings twice (but probably read Fellowship of the Ring about 4 times).
The various Tolkien works are some of the few that I'll re-read every few years. I'm usually motivated when I come across a reference I don't recall and it prompts to find my hardback copies.
an obscure favorite is 'Gojira' by Mark Jacobson. a re-telling of the Godzilla mythos.
That looks like it might be an interesting read. I've added it to my 'books' list on Amazon to come back to another day when I'm on a book buying spree. :D
Currently collecting hardcopies of books when I can find them, especially if the print is larger than the paperbacks. Yes, I'm old-school and prefer paper over displays when I have a choice. Need to replace old books, complete some series, and start reading again.

I was always a voracious reader growing up. Once in the AF and on the road, a book went when I room to pack one. Most reading falls into the SciFi/ Fantasy, Military Fiction, Military History/ Photography genres.

I've read so many SciFi/ fantasy books over the decades, and many of them at least twice, had to put some thought into this. Books/ series I can recall reading at least 4 times:

Cherryh - The Faded Sun trilogy and the first three books of the Morgaine series (my Faded Sun copies disappeared years ago and the Morgaine paperbacks are literally falling apart).

Bear - Forge of God and Anvil of Stars.

Heinlein - Starship Troopers, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Friday.

Burroughs - Tarzan and Barsoom series.

Clarke - I started the Venus Prime series, but stopped at volume 3. Read the three I had a lot of times. Need to get all of the books and start over.

Drake - Hammer's Slammers, most of the series but I know I've missed a few. Need to get all of the books and start over.