Which character are you most like?

Dark Wiccan

Mar 3, 2003
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Wow, all your comments are great, it's discovering the inner Alias, I know what your talking about She'sgood, none of my friends will talk to me anymore, well because one of them stabbed me in the back and it caused a chain reaction with the rest, but now I say I'm a SYD/WILL/IRINA now


Feb 26, 2003
o i already posted but i think im mainly like syd because she's very ambitious, (like me) and can be funny, and is stubborn ( like me!). And she often takes charge, which i do very often. im also sorta like marshall, becaus eim into technology, francie, (the good one) because i can cook and am sometimes very social, will, because i love towrite and am outgoing, and vaughn , because like him im a good friend and will always be there.
(lol *stwardess voice, this concludes this post sry for wasting ur time)


Feb 27, 2003
The Road Not Taken
Well, I'm most like Syd I guess...what with my martial arts and running and on top of it all I speak multiple languages (check my profile)...but if I'm most like one of the actors, I guess you might say DA, because he's just a sweetie and well, so am I :shamefullyembarrased: (I get that all the time!)!
Mar 17, 2003
That is a really good question. I am like Syd.... I can change my looks and usually don't look bad.
My attitude is like Jack... I am cold sometimes and I definitely don't mean it.
Mar 16, 2003
so dark wiccan.. you look like vaughn and sark crossed? OMG that is like the best... and i agree with iL0v3vAuGhN that vaughn is hotter ::drools::, anyways.. yeah..


i'm alot like syd, n irina. i can be really be happy go lucky like the old francie...sometimes. but i'm ultra observant...i notice every lil detail...even w/o my glasses!

CIA spy

Jan 5, 2003
I would say I'm like Sydney. I'm brave and don't like to be pushed around. I can speak a few languages and I do martial arts. Also I would like to work for the CIA when I'm older. Oh but I don't have a Vaughn yet hopefully soon though.
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