Which movie do you think best represents the future


Of course it's speculative. But I was wondering, what film do you think best represents what the future will actually be like, and why? It may be silly to some - but I think that Wall-E is pretty close to how I see the future - the Earth trashed, and humans connected to a virtual world every waking hour.

What do you think?


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For the short term, within the next 150~ years, I think we'll be seeing a future more like that shown in Minority Report, I, Robot (the Will Smith version), and even the original Total Recall. It will be some time before we see the majority of city buildings torn down & replaced with new designs so we will end up with this mash of old buildings & combustion-engine cars with new devices & gadgets in use in our every day lives. As our existing infrastructures start to crumble... the thousands of miles of water & sewer pipes under our cities, electrical grids, communications grids, etc.... then we will be on the cliff of the next push of humanity. The last two pushes were the industrial revolution and the transistor age. When the time comes to start rebuilding our infrastructure then we will either enter a period that will see mankind come together or it will be the start of the decline.


I am thinking with all the strange new viruses and super viruses we are creating it is only a mater of time before something goes really wrong I don't think we will really survive if we don't get it together the past has shown us what we have and what biologicle weapons we currently have and what they can really do so I am thinking "I Am Legend" is close to what the world is really heading for.
Not a film, but an animé - Planetes. It gives a really great and realistic interpretation of commercial space flight. The over-arching story line involves the first manned mission to Jupiter, so set in the fairly near future by sci-fi standards. It even deals with the health risks of extended stays in space, including increased risk of cancer from exposure to radiation that is blocked out by the ozone layer and a girl who was born and raised on the moon (possibly the first, I forget) who grows much taller than normal for her age (along with some other health problems I think).

I think if you look around there would probably be a few other really good examples of realistic futures in Japanese film/tv. I've found more hard sci-fi in animé than I have in western stuff because they're not so adverse to boring the audience with the scientific explanations of the fiction.

Failing that... Blade Runner maybe? It's pretty accurate, I mean the social climate isn't ready for bioengineered people at the moment, but perceptions change and IMO it's pretty much the logical step on from robots. And as far as I know the world population is only ever going to increase so the world will become more urbanised, consequently species will die out or become so rare you couldn't afford a 'real' exotic pet in your lifetime (I'd say naturally bred dogs would still be common place, they're the most extensively domesticated pet), so genetically engineered ones could be made.

There's also mention of the 'off-world colonies' in Blade Runner, which could be part of the solution to over population. Some degree of space exploration is mentioned in the film but I'm not sure whether they had proper habitation on other planets akin to terraforming.
Yeah, that's the one! Give it a chance. Like I say, it's a drama, so it's not automatically what pops to mind when you think of a sci-fi animé but it's well worth a go if you're not opposed to dramas and you're into 'hard' sci-fi.


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Yeah, that's the one! Give it a chance. Like I say, it's a drama, so it's not automatically what pops to mind when you think of a sci-fi animé but it's well worth a go if you're not opposed to dramas and you're into 'hard' sci-fi.
I've added it to the my queue; 9 DVDs in total. (y) I watch nearly all kinds of anime. I have a hard time explaining to friends & family that in some parts of the world there are anime movies that are the equivalent of the big budget 'blockbuster' movies in the West.

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My personal opinion on the best movie to represent the future would have to be Terminator Salvation, Planet of the Apes and The Matrix, this is due to it representing the fall of mankinds influence and dominance on the earth and the vulnerability we have in comparison to other species overwhelming us.
I would also like to strain that the, cleashay, which has been given the title Wall E should be relegated to the lowest ranked film and that Pixar should design a reconnaissance mission to relocated and establish each segment of their, shattered, dignity.
(My sincere apologies to those with deep respect to the film Wall E... :D).


Gattaca. Though not one of my favorite films, I feel it most accurately expresses the trend humanity has been setting for many centuries.

I doubt very much there'll be a Mad Max-Book of Eli-Resident Evil type of future. Every decade has it's own fear: pandemic, terrorism, Y2K, AIDS, nuclear war, disco, killer bees, communism, Rock n Roll, naziism, depression, over industrialization, invasion from Mars, you get the idea. We've had atomic capabilities for some time but we're still here & still no Thunderdome. Ironically, most of us already know governments maintain control most effectively with the use of fear & in a few years we'll have something new to be afraid of just as soon as 2012 (or the recalculated 2013 & 2014) doesn't destroy us.

War, as most of us think of it, really will be done away with. This wont stop human problems, just redistribute them. Probably to a genetic elite and everyone else: thinning the herd through genetic sanctions, i.e. Gattaca.

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Soylent Green

This 1973 film is very close to what is beginning to happen.

Resources are running out, fresh water is bottled, society split into the rich and the poor.

Plus, the most horrible way to survive with rising food shortages, the human dead become our new food source!

However, I still hope for alien intervention, like in the movie STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, if GOD doesn't help us first.


Oh yeah , soylent Green.

I am however on the Gattica/Blade Runner synthesis side of the fence. Possibly with a bit of children of men thrown in to go with the birth rate trends in the west.


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Solyent Green or The Road seem like a tough futuristic pill to swallow (although the pessimistic side of me probably agrees with you for the strong possibility of a similar fate). Optimistically, I would hope for something along the lines of Star Trek. In the Starfleet version of our future, we'll have a variety of interplantary races all working together for the advancement of everyone involved. The fun side of me is also hoping for some elements of Back to the Future to be ahead of us on the timeline. I would love to learn how to rock a hoverboard!!


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Blade Runner, with an elite, militaristic police force, class warfare, freakish weather and endless mobs of miserable people. The emphasis will continue to be on personal gadgetry, rather than on societal infrastructure and we will be ever less able to--or interested in--dealing with each other face to face. As have already been mentioned, Total Recall, Soylent Green, I Am Legend (and what about The Time Machine, Freejack and Vanilla Sky?)
I'd say, there are few movies, which could show our future.

You may agree, or not, but I'd say, that Avatar is one of them. Im not talking about meeting blue tall guys, Im talking about our behavior. In simple words- I want it, and I dont care much about others. Just like in this movie.
Thats really showing our "consuming" future, where money, unfortuantly keep rolling world and area near it.
I think, that very well showing, what currently is, and how "we" going to look like in future. Probably, not much have changed, dont you think?

Partly- Surrogates, with B.Willis. Not because B.Willis rocks, but because of another tendency. People more and more tending to spend their life near computers. Not just gaming, but even having true virltual life. Yeah, now, it's not so menacigly, because, (I hope) majority of people keep livig in real word, taking care about their health and body, but, in time, situation could gradualy change into oposite. In future, one of the greatest deseas could became hypodynamy, because, people will tend to spend more and more time in virtual reality, while keeping their body at minimal possible phisycal activity.