Whipping Star, by Frank Herbert


Orthodox Herbertarian

Springing forth as a continuation of two tales written early in Herbert's career, A Matter of Traces and The Tactful Saboteur, the ConSentiency tales tell the story of one of the author’s best known characters, Jorg X. McKie. This week's review is of the first of two ConSentiency novels, Whipping Star, a rollicking detective story that relies heavily on discussions on the nature of intelligence, particularly the intelligence of other races, and general semantics theory. As Herbert's non-Dune novels go the ConSentiency are generally regarded as the most accessible; a sentiment I agree wholeheartedly with. Those of you who have read Herbert's Dune but nothing more and are intimidated by his reputation for producing dense philosophical ruminations, these novels (especially this one) and his short story collections are excellent starting points for the rest of the author's oeuvre...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..