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I am trying to warn people in the web about the user known as xgmx. I want to rid the Internet of this notorious spammer. Why?

xgmx has attacked too many boards with his non-stop advertisement and stupid spam. It's about time that the Internet boycotts him. By warning the boards ahead of time, the Internet will know what kind of a user xgmx is, and will know what to do with the account, before xgmx starts to drive people mad.

Note: I have nothing against the actual person, but on the web I urge people of the Internet to know what kind of a user this is. What xgmx should do is forget this trend of inappropriate advertising and making up nonsense, and start over in the web with a clean slate.

I am reposting my original post one more time for reference, if anyone's curious:
Note that I am NOT a spambot. Before taking any actions, at least hear me out about what I have to say.

As you may have known there's a relatively new account called xgmx. What you might not know yet is that this is a notorious spammer all around the Internet.

Let's look at xgmx's newest thread:
xgmx said:
On May 3, 2009, I created a Star Trek video game called "Star Trek Universe". I have been planning this out for quite some time now, and have finally finished making it. Please, join us in this new MMORPG phenomena. After all, resistance is futile.

STU Domain: http://www.startrekuniverse.cz.tc/
STU URL: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Star_Trek_Universe/index/
STU Forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Reenactor/index.php?c=62

(a bunch of so-called "features" follow)

Everything is hidden until you register to the board. So to save you time, I got a couple of screenshots:

It's needless to say that xgmx is trying to trick people. This is NOT a game. It's just an empty message board full of random text. So what's with this post, you ask? It's basically xgmx's 1000th time to try out an advertising ploy. You see, many times this account has made up some announcement that includes a link to one or more of his boards, to inappropriately advertise them. No wonder the board is empty; it's set up very inefficiently, and worse, xgmx is known to cause horrible advertising spam everywhere.

He's across the Internet with this kind of stuff. Want proof? xgmx posted the exact same thing in the place linked below. Soon enough he may post this in several places.


That's not all. This is by NO means the first time he tried this. SS Free, Reenactor Entertainment, Core, and Jonathanland are some common things he posts. There are a few key patterns about him, useful to know:

1) Half the time he just comes in, posts advertisements, and leaves. He doesn't give a second thought about what members will think of him (including how it's rude and annoying).
2) The other half the time, he makes up a bunch of nonsense and the end result is link(s) to his boards; just another attempt to advertise his boards. Not to mention that these boards are poorly structured.
3) Most of his posts are very egotistical. The imaginary country "Jonathanland" comes to mind.
4) When he replies, it will not make any sense and you'll just go in circles. Most often when you corner him with a response he can't outmaneuver, he won't reply at all.

I wouldn't say this if xgmx attacked one board with his spam and ads, but he's persistent everywhere on the web. Seriously, the evidence is overwhelming. Just type xgmx and a couple of keywords on Google and you'll agree with me. So if you don't watch out now, you'll learn the hard way soon enough.

Still don't believe me? I'll show you a common example about this account. Note how people react to these.

The "SS Free" advertisement in the form of affiliate request:


Notice in the last link that he just posted and left. He didn't even bother to format. And these links were just about one page of search results out of like 6.

Please, at least read this post and make the right decision about xgmx before you start to go insane from his spam.
I am going to say this once & only once...

If people come to Cool Sci-Fi and use our forums as their personal online fighting spot, then *both* accounts will be banned.
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