Who are you most like?

What character are you most like?

  • Syd

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  • Vaughn

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  • Lauren

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  • Jack

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  • Sark

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  • Irina

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  • Sloane

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4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42... Execute
Jan 1, 2004
Reigate, England
I am so (s1 +s2) Will, the perviously reliable close friend, with strong feelings for his friend.

I am always looking out for this one girl whom I am best friends with, always warning them to treat her right and stuff, yet deep down I have strong feelings for her which she knows about and I have put to one side


Tragic Romantic
Mar 10, 2003
Northern California
I believe I'm like Lauren. I mean I am a huge Lauren fan, but really. I can be dark and mysterious and evil, but then there's other times where I can just be the person you want to hate.


Future Mrs. Anders
Nov 3, 2003
I'd like to say that I am a Sark but I am just no where near that damn cocky (i'd like to be though) however I have taken a poll of my closest friends (ok well the six in this general vacinity) and they have given me the thumbs up on Lauren. Why you may ask, yeah why guys? Danie's friend Lourdes: Because your like two people, like split personality, your sweet and spicy. Your really nice and we love you but we know you will use your charms (and feminen sp? wilds) to get what you want. Hmm, thanks I think.
Oct 1, 2003
australia, victoria
ok im syd/lauren.... as agent destert rose (sp) just explained... im someone on the outside and then someone completly diffrent on the inside.... my friends dont even know who i am... not that i make up lies or anything i just donit tell them things.... lil things, secrets, fears, dreams, just my life is a cover up, like syds and laurnes *pouts* ok now im sad bringin all that out :( lol as you may find ijn my poetry....


I'm a Sarkie. :knods: I'm oh so kewl, oh so annoying and evil, confused about my father, I walk around in uber swankness like it's nobody's business, people often pilfer my funds from me (but I get it back unlike sarkie boy!), and I'm confused as to my purpose, my alliances, who I can really trust, I will bite your head of if you piss me of, a nice bottle of wine (or in my case a pound of godivas) will be a nice way to discuss things...no messing up this gorgeous face. ^_^ Last but not least I like "the black one" much better!


Mar 4, 2004
I'm a cross between Lauren and Sydney

My Lauren Characteristics
- I blow up at people ALOT!
-I have blonde hair
- I'm mysterious

My Sydney Characteristics
- I love someonee I can't have
- I'm a genius (No Really)
- I am independant and can kick butt!


Mar 11, 2004
Ok so i took this quiz awhile ago and it actually matched ur personality and i was torn between 2 answers so i chose a 1st and it said i was syd and then i chose b 2nd and it said i was sark so whatever! either way vaughn is hot!!!


Dec 29, 2003
I always thought that I was most like Will. It always seems like I'm there for my friends, but they kinda screw me over in the end. :)
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