Who Collects Comic Books?

Comic Book Collecting?

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An Old Friend
I had a small collection when I was a kid. I believe this was what opened my mind to Science Fiction.
Who else collected Comic Books?
Are you still collecting them?
What are your favorites?



Creative Writer
i used to collect :

Starblazer (scifi) and Commando (WWII) comics. they were small in format and could be picked up in train stations everywhere. due to the amount of travelling i did, normally on my own i guess, from age 10 upwards, i used to make sure i picked up what i could afford at train stations enroute, even by spending money i was supposed to spend on food during my journey! i was always starving by the time i reached the end of those journeys!
these were collected with my spending power. prior to this i actually got a WWII comic called Victor every week, my dad used to religiously buy it for me. i thank him for this

i guess these are all english publications though


can't find an image of Starblazer but it's the same dimensions as Commando is, just remembered 2000AD in there, didn't like the comic really, except for the one character : Rogue Trooper.

amazing as a kid i read so much violent war comics and science fiction and look where i am today :)


Code Monkey
Staff member
I used to collect when I was younger but haven't been into the scene for a good 10+ years now. I have a pretty big collection, though, that someday a future generation will be happy to come across. With a few exceptions I have nearly my entire collection yet from when I was a kid tucked away in storage bags. Marvel was my favorite, specifically the various Spiderman titles. I was a huge fan of the "What If..." type series they used to back then.

The last time I checked out the comics I couldn't help but be depressed over the fact that they are now 1/3rd the size, 4x the cost, and the style has changed to be gloss & slick. Sure not the comic books that I grew up with. :(


I used to have a HUGE collection of comics - mostly US Marvel but also British Marvels (multi-title B/W) and 2000 AD ("the galaxy's greatest comic, featuring Jugde Dredd").

I'm sure its a common enough story: when I moved out of my parent's house my mother decided to donate them to local charities. Nice one Mother dear.
I would have (eventually) donated most of them myself having kept the valuable issues [SOB!]

Apart from the monetary and sentmentimental value I did have four irreplaceable issues of 2000AD which can't be reprinted for legal reasons

"We got standards o' cleanliness to maintain!"

Nowadays, I only get one regular title: Dark Horses'"Conan". The strange thing is I have never read any other fantasy or sword and sorcery apart from Robert E. Howard.

Recently a buddy told me of "Exiles" - its an X-Men title that has a multiple-reality, must-save-the-world theme running thru it (like the TV show "Sliders"). Got a TB of the first four issues and its well worth the read.

As for other types of comics? I'm not a fan and that manga should certainly be banned!

Mr Destructo said:
(snip, snip, snip...)
i used to collect :...Commando (WWII) comics. they were small in format and could be picked up in train stations everywhere.

200AD ...didn't like the comic really, except for the one character : Rogue Trooper.

amazing as a kid i read so much violent war comics and science fiction and look where i am today :)

I'd have thought those Commando comics would be banned nowadays but I saw one on sale recently. I'm not too sure if "Die Nazi scum" contributes to our understanding of history but I take your point.

2000AD had a fairly high level of violence mind you "Action" was worse (man -eating sharks anyone?) I remember this was a big media issue in the 70s in the UK.

Having said that, I've no doubt that comics did open up a whole new world to me. Many times as a kid, I'd have to consult a dictionary to understand what Reed Richards or Dr. Doom were saying. I could waffle on about the wider social context of comics (Mega City 1 in 2000AD as a comment on modern urban life for example) but it'd be Zzzzzzz. ..


Galaxy Pimp
I still have all my Marvels.. Mostly Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Dc Comics for Batman. Allot of GI JOE and Transformers. Lets see I have my Punisher comics too. I have allot of felgercarb still actually.


The Big Cheese

I didn't really collect comics as a kid, I just read them! I had no idea they would be worth anything someday. I'd usually read them until they were dog-eared and ragged and then throw them out. My favorite was Superman and later I read the Fantastic Four. I also picked up some of the Classic comics, but they were 3 cents more at 15 cents a copy. There was a short lived comic with a character named Dyanamo and his nemesis was Dr. Doom. I really enjoyed these comics but I can't remember any of the other characters or who published it. Anybody remember this one? It would have been in the late sixties.


An Old Friend
I remember Dr.Doom, But I don't recall the name of the comic book

Have you checked out the cover art in the gallery?


Code Monkey
Staff member
The only "Dr. Doom" I remember is "Dr. Victor Von Doom" from the Fantastic 4 comics (but then later made cross-appearances in several other comics).



like Galacticus I have a huge number of 2000AD. Used to have more along with Eagle, Victor, Valiant, Commando amd quite a number of early editions of Superman and various superheros.

Now I growl at the thought of where they went and for mere pennies -a few years ago, my brother got the 'car-boot sale bug' and systematically went through everyones stored possessions in the cellars. Toy cars, books and comics, Action Man and GI Joe, etc. He even sold some bound volumes of National Geographic 1911 to1922 -worth a fortune for £1 each! Many of the comics went so many for £1. first edition of Ringworld (earth spins in wrong direction), first editions of Aldiss, Clarke, Pohl, Bester, Dick, etc ..................it is still a very touchy subject in the family.

Now I buy the odd one when I get the chance.