Who is the better looking sister?

Which is the better looking sister?

  • Nadia

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Sydney

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters


Rocket Ranger
Feb 3, 2005
Making His Day
While Syd has a certain sweetness and charm about her, Nadia is a lot hotter, IMO. If we were voting on which sister was the nicest or which you liked better of course I would vote for Syd.
Apr 10, 2005
I voted Nadia. Sydney kicks more butt, but Nadia is prettier. Plus, Nadia's face is more fresh while we've seen Syd for 4 years.


Rocket Ranger
Apr 2, 2005
I voted Nadia :shamefullyembarrased: b/c her face seems to be sweeter and hotter at the same time (but i also must admit Syd's body looks better too) (y)


Rocket Ranger
Mar 25, 2004
North Carolina
Wow, it was hard to choose. I use to think Nadia was hotter and she is a very hot girl, but when you combine looks and the figure, you've gotta go with Syd.

Sydney L Bristow

Capt. Poohead
Feb 16, 2005
A strange place inside my head
I voted Nadia with out hesitation, When I watch Alias I some time say DANG I wish I looked just like Syd, and then the camera will do a different angle on her and make her look like she has a big jaw or cross eyed and I am all like DANG I am so glad I don't look like Syd! But I have yet to see a bad angle of Nadia ,so I think now I am going to be like DANG I wish I looked like Nadia!
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