Who is the head of the covenant??

Who will end up being the Head of the Covenant???

  • Jack

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  • Vaughn

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  • Dixon

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  • Sloane

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  • Marshall

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  • Weiss

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  • Lauren

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  • Irina

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See also Sloane, the head of the Covenant?, and Irina as Covenant Leader.

gajew919 said:
If any of you read the Episode Recap on ABC.com, the synopsis mentioned at the end that the papers Syd was reading reveiled that Jack was in fact NOT in jail during the 2-yrs Syd was missing and that Vaughn's father worked for Jack who tracked BOTH Syd and Nadia's lives until he died,....

ABC Quickly removed the ending of the synopsis Monday morning after the finale...I think they made an Oops!  and told us what we werent supposed to know yet!

Who knows...the writers may change that knowing that we all know something we shouldnt!
I believe that would be "during the 6 months after Irina disappeared" (a significant discrepancy . . . I just noticed this), and, frankly, this all doesn't count anyway, because it's not part of the series. ;)

However, the repeated sentiment that Jack is head of the Covenant still doesn't make a lot of sense to me:
  • He would have known that Lauren was a member, but his discovery that she was the mole was a private moment of revelation (Not if I see you first, Love).
  • If he wanted those papers, couldn't he have ordered Lauren to give them to him? Had a henchman grab her so that he could torture her until she coughed up their location? Why just let her blab them out to Sydney?
  • You're saying he ran things from solitary confinement (when their influence was on the rise)? Or are you saying he wasn't in solitary confinement? And if he wasn't, how does this square with the CIA/NSA/US govt, who supposedly knew his location (and aren't Covenant)?
  • He seemed to be obviously pushing Vaughn's buttons in an effort to encourage him to go after Lauren (whether on orders or on his own). Why? If he was head of the Covenant, there were any number of people he could have ordered to simply pull a gun and shoot her dead. :confused:
The problems I mentioned are just the most glaring problems that would suddenly crop up if they said, "Oh, Jack's head of the Covenant." Well, that would be fine, except it just doesn't make any sense. Can you explain these things? I can't.

Lauren said that she and Sydney were pawns in the same game, not that they were pawns on the same side. She said she knew who was controlling her, not that she and Sydney were being controlled by the same person. ;)


Aug 26, 2004
Austin, TX
It's got to be sloane. That would be so great... I mean we have NO idea who runs the darn thing. I just have this feeling.


Oct 9, 2004
Joziah said:
I Think the Head of the Covenant is Her Aunt Katya cuz it would b aweful if it was Jack.
I hope it isn't Jack either. It wouldn't make much sense.


Dec 14, 2003
It's MARSHALL!!!!!!!!! No lol...

I highly highly doubt that it's Jack because how could he possibly do all that to his own daughter? And he doesn't seem to believe so much in the Rambaldi prophecy... He loves Sydney and he would never take away two years of her life and tear her apart like that. It just wouldn't make sense if he were head of the Covenant.
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