:::: Who is the most beautiful ::::

Sydney or Lauren?

  • Sydney Bristow (our always favorite Jen!)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lauren Reed (new kid in the town but we like her too)

    Votes: 1 100.0%

  • Total voters
Hey guys lets vote to know who is the most beautiful by the opnion of the viewers.

Lauren and Sydney!

Lauren: 27 years old, 1,72, blue eyes, blonde hair.


Sydney: 30 years old, 1,72, brown eyes, brown hair.

I voted for Jen, of course, she is the most beautiful!!!!! But Melissa is beautiful too.
I don't want Melissa to be mad with me.
Jen...she's definitely not as delicate and has a tougher attitude about her. she's also got an incredible figure, very well proportioned. Lauren has her moments, but Syd nearly always looks beautiful, even after a full day's torture at Camp Williams.


well i don't know who the hell picked Lauren. but Sydney is totally tops in the hotness/sexiness/beautiful division. Lauren (Melissa George) is totally beautiful. but the only woman out there i can think of that comes close to Jen's total beauty is Julia Roberts. but Jen has the buffness going for her too. and a buff beauty will not settle for anything but first place on the hot-o-meter =D
Who was the single one who voted for Lauren/Melissa? :lol:
Anyway considering that Im a girl I can not really judge who is sexier, but if I had to decide whether to look like Melissa or Jen I would chose Jen without hesitation!!
I don´t know if you know about this, but speaking for myself....I could never find someone pretty I don´t like!!!As trashy as it may sound to you, but I still think beauty comes from the inside and Jen just seems to be this most cheerful person and she just has this gift to make people like her, I think. So maybe I would find Lauren pretty too if her charakter on Alias wasn´t such a bit§% :lol: ! And I think I don´t know enough about Melissa yet to say whether I like her or not. Do you know what I mean? :blink: :blush:

San :blush: