Who is your Crush?


Ok first thing is first, I'm down on my knees crying if I've been so horrible at puting this in the wrong place Admins out there!!!! LOL! Ok, now to the topic, who is your Crush? If you just want to talk about your exiting days with him/her or what a fun date would be, then post it here! Well what are you waiting for!? talk!!!!
Well I was dating one of my best friends noel. But after today we decided to be friends.
There was an awkward moment and then we laughed and decided the being friends was better but no matter how great the whole break up thing is it still hurts :( But LMAO I ok :smiley:
sunfire will live on!!!i hope you feel better, and who needs a boyfriend!(well i want one,but who NEEDS one?lol) well i ahve been talking to my crush online all day today! great day!LOL
a.k.a.Kate_Jones said:
*ahem* I think many people know my crush....


thats a very easy goal, i think you should higher your standards just a bit!LOL, jk and yes wow, what a man! ^_^ giggles evilly! :cool:
There is this girl in my class that is just the sweetest inside and out. we have talked here and there, but i dont think she has any interest in me. I havent approached her about dating, and probably, never will. Her and alias56 :blush:


Alias Elle said:
SiriCerasi said:
^_^ never had a boyfriend, and probably never will :P I hope you feel better Sunfire!
I'm with you all the way!

And Alias56, I think you have a secret admirerer...


~me :angel2:
the bf thing is like with me as well, and yes, it looks like A56 does have a secret admirer ;)


oh! this page is certainly interesting!

I like this guy i met at camp, and he is amazing!
Hopefully i am meeting up with him today! fingerscrossed!


thanx! but we are meeting up with other friends! so nothing will probably happen, and i don't think he likes me that way! never mind, it is nice to be friends though!


i know! but he is so amazing i can't stop think about him!
He just smiles and u know he is glad to see u or if he is annoyed at the person next to him! soz at camp we went on a coach and stuff happened which embassed us! (my friend was yelling out and telling him as she was sitting next to him, that i like him!)
never had a serious boy friend. I know it's sad i'm almost ninteen and all the guys I end up going out with are all losers. Oh and I never end up with a boyfriend on vday