Collectibles Who owns a bat'leth?


Guilty here... two actually... I brought one into college and had it while walking around campus one day when I had a speech class we needed to do a speech with props... If I did that today they'd probably put the school into 'lock down' and this was only in 1999, not that long ago. :eek:
No weapons in the house for me. :( Though I do think a bat'leth would look pretty cool on my office wall at the house it is just an area of collecting that I never got into.

... and, yes, if you walked around a college campus today with one of those exposed, you would not only have likely caused a campus lockdown but you'd be lucky to have gotten out of there without being shot or tazered! :eek:
I've heard of a few incidents with students and swords in my city. Both the universities here confiscate and discipline any student even storing weapons in the student accommodation. This causes a lot of thinking for LARP roleplaying types. They have to be careful they fulfill legal rules on what they bring for their hobbies.

I hear the other university across town has an 'armoury' where weapons are locked up till the students go home. In that 'armoury' I hear there is one item confiscated off a Japanese student who thought he could come over with a proper antique, and well maintained, samurai sword that was in his family.
They are the curved blades you see him fighting with when he breaks out of Crematoria and is almost at the skiff to escape and the Necros are waiting for them. They are also known as Ulak Blades, two curved stainless steel blades with leather hand grip.
Thanks, I'll have to put the movie back in my queue to check it out again. Those look like they'd do some damage.