Who plays GURPS series RPGS like Traveller?


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i have Traveller and a load of GURPS resources, some downloaded from webrings where people have made maps, sheets, characters, races and scenarios.

it's a long time since i actually physically played RPG's and then it was TMNT and sometimes Recon and Traveller.

Traveller is the ultimate futuristic space opera game and i'm looking into setting up the ability to game over the net similar to being in a room. files can easily be passed back and forth, maps, sheets, etc. games can be run various hours straight from home, so interuptions won't kill the game feeling.

no swords and sorcery nonsense here :smiley:

i've attached a die program to this thread, put the program and .wav in the same folder to get proper die rolling sound! you can run multiple copies of the program on your pc at once, for different sided dice!

as with all files, unzip, then virus scan before running for your protection!


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well, i am collecting Traveller stuff with a view to running games over the net.

as more people are into the scifi genre, and need something to do between series on tv, i see this as a feasible outlet for people.

primarily txt messaging people can be who they want and scheduling turns/gaming can be a bit more flexible than having to arrange weekly timed meets in friends basements.

gamesmasters can just rar up loads of current files on the juncture of the game and send to individual players, including maps, images, character sheets, events.

it's like buying a MMORG and paying subscription to play online, only free and more flexible.

once i have collected enough material, sorted it and altered it to suit, i might start a test game up at some point to see if i can do it easily enough. played either by messenger or getting a website chat client that will do the job, allowing txt messages, private messaging and file transfer.

Traveller is about worlds, galaxies, races, adventure and combat. now superimpose those images of programming and retail games you have in your head over the possibilities of constructing your own games and see what i say makes sense.

just going to take a lot of time to organise, get everyone interested in playing sorted with the games books and data resources and finalise the chat clients