Who would be the worst enemy?

Who would be the worst enemy?

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Viktor Kuprin

Spaced Cadet
Jun 21, 2007
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
I thought this was Cool Sci-Fi, not LOUSY POLITICS, Screenersam. The election is done. Get over it. But since Stupid Is As Stupid Does ...

Palin is the gift that keeps on giving ... for the Democrats. Let's hope the right-wingers keep on blindly supporting her!

Worst enemy: How about a vote for THE POSLEEN!
Why worse than the Daleks or the Borg? Because the Posleen want to EAT YOU! :taz:


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Jan 16, 2005
Viktor, I think Screenersam's sentence was ironic and he was sticking up for her :) It was the guy in the post before slating her.


Mar 12, 2010

I'm a newbie but I couldn't resist in leaving a comment to this topic. I vote for the Borg because they are cold, ruthless and very hard to kill but I have to agree with neu-tron in that the Magog could be the worste enemy. They breed and spread like locusts, you can kill a few thousand and a million will probably show up.

Even so I remember in the series Lexx there was a made scientist who created some kind of robot arms that devoured whole systems and were basically unstoppable. Does anyone remember this.


Jan 1, 2005
And this is very different than people standing up for what they believe in (gay marriage, lower taxes, etc.) and fighting for it. Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King managed to deal with extremely serious problems without making permanent enemies of half the country.
This might be the single stupidest statement on the Internet. Abe Lincoln didn't make permanent enemies of half the country? Have you ever been south of the Mason-Dixon line? Ever heard of a little blip on the timeline of history known as, I forget what's it called- it's on the tip of my tongue... oh that's it... THE CIVIL WAR? Oh, and were not Both Lincoln and King shot by someone who hated them, as opposed to loved them to death? Seriously, if this was my forum and you were the last poser on it I'd still ban you for something this stupid.
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