Who's seen Serenity? (SPOILERS)


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Ok, so i was walking past the cinema tonight and was looking at facing saturday night in catching up on some tveps, Threshold and Numb3rs, when "Serenity" just jumped off the board outside the cinema at me.

I had been putting it off, possibly till it hit DVD rental due to the fact it was probably just going to be like an extended double episode of the series and maybe not worth the expense of a cinema showing. especially considering the last 3 or 4 times i've visited that particular cinema i have been dissapointed due to video and audio problems. i have to say that this time round the video appeared a bit grainy and the audio wasn''t equilised properly with not enough low range and too much midrange sometimes causing distortion whilst people were speaking. not as bad as the rest of the visits!

The film itself. I was sat there repeatedly asking myself if the level of violence matched the tv series. It probably did, and that the effect of the scenes was more focused towards cinematographical effect. Some scenes reminded me of watching horror movies rather than scifi and i'm not just talking about Rivers little dreams!

There were numerous "boring" scenes, much like the tvseries. I guess this is down to directorial style or maybe something in the scenes I don't recognise through nationality or social education.

There were even some emotional scenes popping out and making your insides clench, but curiously these weren't when the characters died, but to do with morality.

Oh yes, a couple of main characters die in the film. The speed of scenes when they are killed off is very short, emotion can't catch up, no moral messages are made. The emphasis on scenes and impact on the viewer seems to be random.

The main bad guy is a wonderful character to have on our screens. And, of course, he's english!!!! We just do those mad and bad characters so well. anyone looking forward to the large combat scenes involving River might find the bad guys combat scenes more effective.

Was this film worth watching at the cinema instead of waiting for it to come to dvd rental? No. unless you have to watch it now for the communities you move in just wait till it comes out to buy/rent.