Who's the funniest person?

Who is the funniest person on Alias?

  • Syd

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  • Jack

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  • Vaughn

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  • Sark

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  • Weiss

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  • Marshall

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  • Sloane

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  • Dixon

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  • Lauren

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  • Other (say in post)

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Jan 20, 2004
Ummm....see the title, i guess ^_^

who do you think is the FUNNIEST person on the show

like, making you laugh, as in jokes

i can't decide between weiss and marshall

i think they both can be pretty funny

but i guess marshall is the funniest! :D
i voted marshall, but that's cuz he's the one who is around all the time. if weiss was around more and could say things like "when we share a cell in a federal prison, i'm not giving you a drawer" more then i would have picked him. and of course my sarkie. love him. he is funny in his own little sarcastic way. "i don't suppose you know an eight-letter word for arrogant." :) i'm in love :). but no, i picked marshall because he's always there being funny.

Jan 19, 2004
In all honesty I think that Syd is teh funniest because of her sarcasim.

Lindsey: Now if you're finished....this is the men's room.
Sydney: Who let you in?

Lindsey: Yoou're going to hold me accountable?
Sydney: Did I stutter?

I love Syd! She is the best!.......Marshall and Weiss are funny too though!
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