Why are there so many Canadian actorsactresses cast for Smallville

Because it's filmed in Superman's birthplace - Canada?


I sure don't know...that said I had no idea that any of them were Canadian. But given the info...now....I want to visit Canada!;)
shouldnt be a problem. "you know they did aplogize for bryan adams" (if you know what movie that came from then you will know i am joking.

seriously though, it doesnt matter to me where the actors come from as long as they make quality watching on the lil big screen.
It is not just Smallville... Canada is a very tax friendly locale for shooting TV series & movies. The financial incentives is why a *lot* of stuff is filmed up there.

Fringe is a perfect example. The first season was shot in the US & on location but for the second season it is switching to Canada to cut custs. If you've ever watched a show and some of the scene backgrounds look 'different' in later seasons versus the first season, a good reason why is likely that the first season was shot on location while the other seasons where shot on a set in Canada to cut costs.