Horror Why Are You A Fan of Horror?

Why Are You A Fan Of Horror?

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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
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I am not a fan of Horror per-se. I am a fan of the Horror movie. See, I love monsters. I love many of the graphical creativity used in Horror movies. I don't really find them scary but I do find the methods of showing the special effects interesting from a creativity point of view.

My love of Horror is strange. I find Horror novels boring and read very few of them. I often find the storylines of movies and Horror TV to be unrealistic and predictable but I love seeing the monsters and special effects.

Many Horror fans are very protective of their fandom. On Horror specific communities and forums they are very passionate about it. So much so that they actually get angry when their favorite is not liked by everyone. Flame Wars are often found easily in Horror forums. Moderating a forum dedicated to Horror can be a full-time job.

In this discussion lets try to keep everything pleasant and respect that others may not share your opinions or passions for Horror. Lets discuss what it is about the Horror genre that causes you to be a fan. Lets not just limit the discussion to movies or books.

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The subject for discussion is Why You Are A Horror Fan not what is the best horror works.
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