Sci-Fi Why Are You A Science Fiction Fan?

Why Are You A Science Fiction Fan?

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An Old Friend
What makes you a fan of Science Fiction?
The poll choices are limited so answer to what is the closest to your reason.

There are some people that don't consider themselves a SciFi fan but are fans of individual
SciFi works like Star Trek, Firefly, BattleStar Galactica and many other storylines.

I, myself, am a fan of the concept of Science Fiction. I like Science a lot. I love how the fiction in Scifi
expands the science and explores the effects of it on the human condition. The closer the Scifi is to actual
science the more I enjoy it. Also being a fan of Fantasy allows me to enjoy SciFi that has missed its mark on the science but has a good story.

If you have chosen 'Other' please explain why you are a SciFi fan. I think it would be interesting to read how others perceive the genre. There is no wrong response. We are all different and your reasons are yours.
cuz the real world is BORING and frequently sux and I dream of other, better places.
'course scifi often gives us worse scenarios...but one must respect the intellect. and maybe we could all do with a bit of 'thank goodness, it really could be worse'. (Hitler winning WWII, commies winning Cold War, any number of potentially horrid Presidents...) guess that's why I so like alternative scifi, like Turtledove's stuff, the Confederates winning, etc. There are collections called 'Alternate Presidents' and 'Alternate Kennedys', and several about battles/wars that could have ended differently.
I find a good sci-fi story frequently has a mix of the following:

1) A philosophical issue to explore with a what if scenario.
2) A moral lesson that is sometimes connected to the philosophical issue.
3) A parallel reality that mirrors current political climates so readers can relate to the story.

I found the Star Trek series was very good at this. Although I know some would say the implementation became a little repetative after a while with human like aliens and alot planets being very livable.
at times Star Trek became genre-show-of-the-week, with WW2 (Patterns of Force), western (Spectre of the Gun), etc. still better than most tv drek.
any love for the original Outer Limits? Lots of depth in it's concepts, very very well-done show.
We grew up on the B grade sci-fi of the 50's and 60's, books, movies, TV. Our book series is similar to that and the era by design but we love most any kind of sci-fi especially Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Trek, BSG, Star Wars, etc, etc, etc.

Tbh it's the first thing I can remember being really untested in , I don't know exactly how or what caused it just happened , SF is the most diverse genre it covers every type of entertainment and also broadens our minds to infinite possibilities and that is why I like SF :smiley:
I love science, definitely. This is #1.
I love seeing clever ideas, particularly in hard scifi. With soft scifi, well, I'm a fan there too; mostly because of the creatures, but sometimes because it's just good TV and I like the style. Love seeing well executed art.
I love sci fi shows/movies, but I don't read sci fi books, I read fantasy/urban fantasy and horror. I prefer visual sci fi, I suppose, over literary - I just can't get invested into a sci fi novel like I can with other genres. But sci fi films/tv shows I'm right there for the ride.
I understand Azhria, lots of people like to have something visual. I love ST; TV and movies, but the books, not so much. That's why I posted photos from our books to the Gallery here, to help visualize the story line.

I understand Azhria, lots of people like to have something visual. I love ST; TV and movies, but the books, not so much. That's why I posted photos from our books to the Gallery here, to help visualize the story line.

Other book genres I don't need visual representations for. I can see a good horror or fantasy in my mind while I'm reading, but I struggle with sci fi.
I have always loved science fiction. I think I was reading Asimov books them, a kid with a robot brother/best friend living on a space station, I don't remember the titles. Then there was television with "Star Blazers" and "Battle of the Planets". I was writing 10-page stories and drawing covers for them in 5th grade and for some reason I wanted to share them with the librarian. (she graded them, lol)
I did a lot of that too, but its not as memorable to me for some reason. I made up my own super heroes, at least one started out as a villain.
One more thing, why does the landscape come after the alien? (seems like a logical question)
LOL, I'm lost?
If you are referring to my comment of 'alien landscapes' it was a descriptive of landscapes that depicted alien planets.
If you are referring to my comment structure I drew aliens without landscapes first then added the landscapes in later.