Why do people lie?

There r different types of lyin sum like tellin them they look gud wen they dont and to ur teachers bout hmwrk and stuff r ok but i neva lie bout big things cos if ppl find out it will hurt them and break their trust in you and trust is a very big thing in any relationship
Since when does politeness involve destroying your ethics...

Avoiding the queation can sometimes be worse than a small lie. I think that a small lie in the cases that Marlene stated are acceptable to a degree, what I don't think is acceptable is lying in such a way that is going to have serious reprocussions and cause a lot of pain. Telling someone thta you think that their shirt looks fine on them even though you may not think so, is not serious, I mean in a few days or even less it's forgotten. But I agree wit you, SydB_JenG too that lying in any form is not to be had so I do try to avoid it in any way that I can.