Why don't alot of people write tom topics?

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Check out my topics people. I don't understand why not alot of people don't. There interesting. Can I get someone to answer.

Azhria Lilu

Well, posting useless topics to promote your other topics won't help.

This is a Michael Vaughn forum. How is this topic in any way related to Michael Vaughn?

Sorry if I sound harsh there.

This is not a chat room - people will respond when they like to topics they are interested in.

There is no need to start all of your own topics. There are thouands of topics already out there.

Moving to member lounge.


Charlie can you close this one. Also, tell me the proper way to start a topic. I think I went under someones topic that was Micheal Vaughn and then I created this and it just so happened to get that name. I know I keep bugging you right now but it would be helpful thax.


The Architect
Steps in creating a topic:

Go to the proper forum (this is key) - e.g. member lounge, Random, Sark, Marshall, etc.

Click the New Topic button (it looks like this)
Write a title. Description is optional.

Write a post.

Click the Post New Topic button.

Rinse and repeat.

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