TV Why I like Battlestar Galactica....

Randal R.

Why I like Battlestar Galactica......

Someone pointed out to me in a reply obvious it is..that I really like BSG.

Thought I would jot down a couple of reasons why.Make a post and see what happens.

There are many many reasons...and my reply seems to be a good start.
I have posted many times and in many threads on why I like BSG...
.....but this is a good summation/summary.

May be interesting to see others here are a few of mine.

it is the result of being less stellar than Star Wars..11-12 yrs old..and having season 2 cancelled.

And some of the Scifi aspects..but the story....a Human Exodus..a Journey to far away and unknown places..and more and what really got me then,, was..they were coming here.

and....asks...Are we a race worth saving?

Some more....

Story of survival and facing the possibility of annihilation and extinction.Story of hope..that we are worthy.
That there may be others who ,like us,,struggling to cope.
That humans may indeed advance enough to explore the heavens.
Are we worthy? ready?
And what will happen if they did arrive here.....this one has been stuck in my mind since season 2 was cancelled.....

Classic good vs evil..only good and evil is Humanity itself.
Adama and Apollo...(tos) being of good nature and character and wisdom,,while another human is opposite(Baltar).
Humanity being what it is and struggling to be what it would like to be.
then you throw in its just a perfect platform to
tell stories that relate in so many aspects to these things.
--Richard Hatch was so right about BSG-- in my opinion.

I spin thoughts and ideas and story lines constantly while making the videos and waiting on renders.

Appreciate any one else's inputs or reasons or even dislikes.

Randal R.
Made this a reply....

I just watched a short lecture on YT...regarding Mental Illness.....which actually may have some truth to it.
He was a researcher....who thinks he has found,,that civilization,,has some alarming pitfalls if you will...
our Lifestyle is in no way...anything like it was just 8 -12 generations ago.
And really began to change when humans began agriculture.
Our species evolved as hunter/gatherers. We are built or have evolved as a species in order to survive.
those skills and attributes are not needed and are not used/utilized....
we were not made to use exercise equipment..but to be active in a different capacity.
it all makes sense to me...though it being truth has yet to be determined.

If this is true....any of it..then we got some serious re-thinking about progress and civilization
if we want to continue.
Which could be a major influence on if we can migrate to the stars at all.

I think this would be another interesting aspect that could be included into the BSG concept.
Can humans continue to be progressive technologically and in civil terms...and stay healthy and sane?
Evolution won't catch up any time soon.

Link if you like to see it.

More of my ramblings...:D

In my fight with depression I learned some very real things about myself.

I was deluding myself.

It wasn't until I started looking at the reality around me that I found my peace.

Civilization is a delusion. Most people have little fantasy worlds they exist inside so they don't have to face reality. Basic requirements of life are so overlooked that when faced with a loss of one they perish.

Food is a great example of delusions.
You need food to survive.
You can eat goop if it has the nutrients your body needs.
Most people get deluded about what is 'fit' for their survival.
They 'must' have a certain product. Foods 'have' to be prepared a certain way.
They get so accustomed to 'their' normal food that when faced with hunger they will try to go without food.

A community aboard a spacecraft will also have delusions.
When everything is operating according to design they will happily go about their business.
But if there is a failure in one or more systems they will react as if someone 'did' this to them on purpose.
That makes for discontent and despair.

The reality of life is that it is just life. There are no guarantees. Life itself has no meaning. To think that it does is a delusion. People believe they must be happy all the time. Happiness doesn't work that way. Happiness, like anger, is fleeting. It is better to be content and let happiness and anger come and go as warranted than to always be striving for happiness.

Human beings constantly lie to themselves and believe those lies as truth. Reality is cold and harsh. It doesn't care about you or anyone else, it just is.

Wealth is a delusion.
Love is a delusion.
Religion is a delusion.
Rights are a delusion.
Permission is a delusion.

Delusions control. Your personal delusions control how you view life. Society delusions control the masses.
On a ship in space, one way to control the masses would be to establish and reinforce specific delusions in the masses to gain a particular result. It is done right now around the world to control populations and affect specific outcomes.

Can humans continue to be progressive technologically and in civil terms...and stay healthy and sane?
The need to progress technologically is a delusion that is ingrained by social acceptance and political reinforcement. If left to their own devices, people will eat, reproduce and party.
Health and sanity is also dictated to the masses. You should eat this to live a long life, don't eat that.
Long life is good, dying young is bad.
Sanity is the collective delusion of what society says is sane. If you are taught by the powers that be that it is sane to breed your daughter at puberty (yes, that happens in real life on this planet) then children will be having children and everyone will think it is normal.
I was deluding myself.

without throwin in everything you said....
So often I think similar to what you wrote...I often sum it up sometimes as...being taught lies.
We only know what we have been taught..what we have experienced...and usually as we grow older adapt
others viewpoints and tales.

Sad thing is,,if one starts a can last for generations and centuries...(Middle East).
--Why Military Orders have been written since organized warfare began--

I often put myself in another time or place and wonder..would I be this way if I had lived then?
my answer is always,,no I would not.

In a lot of ways ,,you are right.we live a fantasy world here and now.
Often...I think.we got it so ffing good now...why am I depressed about it?

and quite often..seriously think..I am in Information overload...shut'em all down! <Luke Skywalker to C3PO
My brain is full..and has to delete space to make space.....:D

We only know what we have been taught..what we have experienced
Being taught is not the same as experience.
When you are taught something you take it on faith that the teachings are reality.
When you experience things it gives you wisdoms of reality.
Wisdom and intelligence are not the same either.
Intelligence is your ability to predict reality from teachings and experiences.
Wisdom is your ability to KNOW reality.

Depression is a choice. It may not be a deliberate choice but it is really just a choice.
I choose not to be depressed and therefore I am not.
If I choose to reinforce the negative feelings I feel I will have chosen to be depressed.
The trick is to forethink those choices. Its a momemnt to moment struggle for some.
It was for me at first - But it gets easier and easier as I master myself.

I am using my choice thinking to stop smoking. I am making great progress and I know I will beat this addiction eventually. BTW, I started smoking due to a society delusion.