Season 3 Why kill Vaughn and Syd?

Nov 18, 2003
Ok, if I've got this straight, the Covenant wanted to have Vaughn and Syd killed, simply for the fact that they were going to transport the man they were supposed to get in North Korea. But why wouldn't the Covenant just stop them? Why, after all of this time, would they kill them, as they are key players in this whole thing. I wouldn't think that they would kill Sydney, after all that they believe about her being the "chosen one". Do they really have all that they need? DOes this mean that Sark DID take one testtube of her eggs, bc obviously they don't need her anymore. They have what they wanted. I don't understand why Syd hasn't been, like, re-kidnapped.

As for Vaughn, why exactly did Lauren marry him, if it was for the Covenant? They were obviously being watched (as the car passed them when "Julia" saw them)...was Lauren supposed to distract Vaughn, get info from him, keep him from finding out about Syd, maybe even keep him from returning to the CIA, until Syd returned? It seemed like Lauren didn't know about Syd being Julia. Maybe Lauren convinced Vaughn to return to the CIA when Syd resurfaced, bc she needed his "help" in leading her to info about Syd. ANd then Lauren was made the NSC liaison, conveniently. I can't figure out what this all means, I don't know, I'm just throwing things out there, even if they don't make sense. From Lauren's reactions, it seems that she did not actually think she would have to assist in getting them info to KILL Vaughn. So what was she doing there? Maybe she doesn't really work for the Covenant, she just thinks she does. Maybe that's why she doesn't know Sark yet. Maybe this is a whole nother group that she's working for. It's ironic that her "job" was to find out Lazarey's killer, and she ended up being it herself.

I just don't understand why they would kill off the 2 people (Syd and Vaughn) who have apparently been set up from the beginning for some endgame. THoughts?


Jan 20, 2004
Along these lines- I am wondering also why they would order the hit now. And back to Syd's kidnapping- she was taken b/c of the prophecy & her supposed part in the fulfillment, right? So, what - they figured while they had her, they'd use her as a hitman? What was the point, exactly, of the brainwashing program? Do we really know what else she was doing up to the feigned assasination of Lazarey- and why?
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