Why you shouldn't buy cheap knives


Code Monkey
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OK, like most guys I have several knives that I have gathered over the years. Some are in my toolbox, some are in my emergency bag in back of the truck, some are in the shed, some are "lent" out to others, some are... well, you get the idea.

This weekend I was reminded why I shouldn't buy cheap knives.

I was working on opening up our pool for the summer, a small above-ground in our backyard, and needed to remove some rope from the C-clamps that were being used to tie down the chlorine dispenser that floats on top during the winter while the cover is on. With out even thinking of it I grabbed a knife from my toolbox that I've had for years, a 4"-or-so locking blade, and started to cut the ropes. Much to my surprise the metal housing broke apart in my hands.

Guess which end fell into the pool? :banghead: I'm *really* hoping it didn't puncture the lining. So far no indication that it did but with my luck I wouldn't be shocked.



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I have an survival knife, one of those nasty ones, for camping. I think it's 13" long with the handle. I was using it as a hammer to whack some tent pegs in, on rocky ground, and the blade fell out of the handle!! It was only about 1.5" into the handle. Shocking, I thought it went further. I've superglued it back in, but I'll never rely on it again.

The weight is no good though, I figured I only need a 3" folding knife, a serrated kitchen knife for cutting up food, a proper fork and a garotte like device for sawing through branches. About a quarter the weight. And less trouble with the police :smiley: