Wich movie was it that i saw??

When i was about.. 7-10 years old maby older . I saw a movie were 2 austronauts landed on a planet and found a coffin with an alien inside. Sometning inside the coffin killed the austronaut. Some kind of fluid.

Thats all i remember. been searchin for the move 20 years..

Sorry 4 the grammar...


An Old Friend
The guy sat on the casket for a photo op

and the lone survivor crashes into a space station killing all

They send a team to the moon because of a rival team also going there

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Yahoonas, I know the movie you're looking for, it's called Creature (1985) and it stars Klaus Kinski. At the very beginning of the movie, two astronauts discover an alien coffin. One of them sits on it so he can be photographed by the other, then suddenly the space beast awakens and kills the one sitting on the coffin.