XBox Wii vs. XBox 360


Jun 4, 2007
It is surprising to know that this newcomer, Wii, held its own against the much heralded and very popular gaming console, XBox 360. It even surpassed the latter in some instances, sales wise. In the field of expert reviews, they both have the same ratings but Wii holds a slight edge because it has no negative while XBox 360 has one. No one can say that Wii is a one night sensation because in my mind, it still has got a lot to offer despite being around for only a short period so far. Here's the comparison of the review ratings of the two most popular gaming consoles nowadays:

Nintendo Wii Console – has an average expert rating of 85 (based on 18 expert sources)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium System – has an average expert rating of 85 (based on 7 expert sources)

I hope this has somehow enlightened some things a little.


Mar 7, 2004
Hmm personally I prefer the Xbox 360.

The Wii is a good console, but I think its alot less fun if your playing alone, while Xbox 360 is fun alone or in groups.
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