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Bizarre Wild, Wild West Returns on DVD

Wired said:
Try to sell this pitch in today's TV market: "A period piece western meets spy adventure featuring a U.S. Secret Service agent traveling the country by train with his extravagant male companion fighting various sci-fi genius super-villains.

That's the basic pitch for The Wild, Wild West, and creator Michael Garrison not only got it on the air at CBS, but he kept it there for four seasons in the 1960s. Starring Robert Conrad (as the heroic James Bond West) and Ross Martin (as Artemis Gordon, master of disguise), Wild, Wild West cashed in on the Sean Connery/007 craze of the 60s with a kitschy mix of over the top humor and genuine suspense, especially when Mr. West had to do battle with his creepy, dwarf arch-nemesis, Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless (Michael Dunn).

Now, the entire series is available in one 27 DVD set -- coming Tuesday, Nov. 4. Watching a few episodes of this clever show from TV's by-gone cutting edge might wash the memory of that Will Smith debacle of a movie from a few years ago.

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Code Monkey
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Yes! :cool: I used to watch that shows in re-runs on Saturday afternoons while growing up! In the Philly area there was a UHF channel, WKBS-TV Channel 48, that had an afternoon block of kung fu movies, bad sci-fi & horror movies, and gems like Wild, Wild West and Black Sheep Squadron. That station is now long gone, and the shows it used to play now relegated to memory only.

If the price point on the DVD collection is low enough, I see at least one Christmas present for somebody in the family.


Code Monkey
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Oooohhh.... the Amazon listing down to $80.99 with free shipping. So... tempted... so... very... tempted.