Will There Ever Be a ‘Serenity’ Sequel? Joss Whedon Puts the Rumors To Bed


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Will There Ever Be a ‘Serenity’ Sequel? Joss Whedon Puts the Rumors To Bed

Every so often, rumors of a “Serenity” sequel pop up, and no matter how many times Joss Whedon says, “No, it’s not happening,” the rumors persist. Are they based on any behind-the-scenes maneuvers? Or if they’re not based on any reality in this ‘verse, why do they persist?

“The rumors are there because people really wish it would happen,” Whedon said.

Not just the fans — the cast, too, are partly responsible (Alan Tudyk, we’re looking at you). Why, just a few weeks ago at Comic-Con, while promoting “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” Summer Glau couldn’t contain herself. “Oh, I would love to go back and do another ‘Serenity’ movie,” she gushed. Um, I was asking about the comics — as in, any unfinished business with River you’d like to see in the Serenity comics?

“It’s just that I miss everyone,” she explained. “That experience for me was the best acting experience of my life. I had never really worked before, and we were truly like a family. It was an amazing and fun time for all of us. I feel so blessed that we got to do the film at all.” But, she added, “I feel at peace with it,” so if there weren’t another movie, she’d be OK.

Good, because it’s an “improbable fantasy,” Whedon said. Then again, “so was making ‘Serenity’ [given the cancellation of 'Firefly'], and so is half my career, which is why I never write it off.”

Like Summer, “I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Whedon said, “because I love those people so much.” But that doesn’t change the fact that the rumors are not being circulated “by anyone who owns a studio,” and “nobody’s knocking on our door.”

“There’s been no movement,” he said. “Those rumors are just rumors, and I don’t think they’re going to stop, no matter how many times I say, ‘No, it’s not happening.’ Because somebody will say, ‘He said yes. His eyes said yes. His nose said yes. There was a yes-iness about him.’ Because people want it.”

Do you want another “Serenity”? If you had $50 million, would you bankroll it? Why or why not?


(via MTV Movie Blog)
I have to admit... I liked the movie and it led me to watch the TV shows.

If it's just $50MM they need, heck, just ask the Whedon fan base to chip in $5 each. :P
When I heard the movie was coming out, I watched the series back to back (it so helped to fill in the feeling for the movie that I couldn't imagine watching them the other way round!)

But it ended pretty tidily. The crew didn't end up universal heroes really but "the empire" of sorts got its comeuppance.
Now that Halo is a bust, (Stars have connected with other series) perhaps Bill Gates will lay down for it? He seems to like Sci-Fi, and I'm sure he could use a tax write-off.
Not like 50 mill is out of the question with him now is it. Getting to him is the only problem, but if, as you say, Firefly/Serenity/Whedon fans all e-mail Microsoft "help", it just may happen before they all get too old.
Good news! Yet the "Dude" (from the Russian sniper one?) is hooked with that "Sons of Anarchy" series, and Summer is in "Terminator".
The trailers for Halo looked great, and it seems the props & sets are already built, and the CGI teams know the jist.
It should be an easy re-start (as far as movies go), since the script is all but written.
I hope it comes to pass soon. I'm sure the actors could use a little "Double-dip" money, especially in slow times.
What better to sell in hard times than Fantasy? Look at Wizard of OZ during the end of the Great Depression ?
As much as I'd like to see Firefly start up again, or a Serenity sequel... I think Joss Whedon has more on his plate right now.

(But heck, I'd also like to see some more from Buffy and Angel... and no, I don't think that comic books really cut it.)