William Hartnell Sculpture

Hi everyone. I am a sculptor by profession and have made quite a few portrait busts over the years. As a lifelong Doctor Who fan I thought it would be fun to make a series featuring actors who have played The Doctor. I have just finished William Hartnell and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. I would be interested to hear what you all think.
This is the first in a collectors series of the 11 doctors plus The Master.
Only 100 of each character will be made and the edition number engraved into each bust.
More pictures and info can be found on my website at www.peterclose.com
just look down the list on the left of the title page and click on William Hartnell.


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Wow, that would be a pretty cool collection for somebody to have of busts of all of the Doctor's plus The Master (but which version ;)). My current budget does not allow me to do so but if Peter makes it up to Tom Baker as the Doctor, then I may have to break down and at least add that one to my personal collection. :smiley:

Peter, are you by nature a Dr. Who fan or is the new collection the result of interest from other fans?
Thanks Kevin. Interesting how many people are waiting for Tom Baker. He must be the best remembered Doctor for most memorabilia collectors.
I must admit I haven't been a constant Doctor Who fan. The first one I remember watching ( from behind the sofa mainly) was Patrick Troughton. I most liked Pertwee and enjoyed the Tom Baker years then it started to go downhill for me a bit with Sylvester and the assistants were not so sexy ;). I dont think I watched Colin Baker at all and Peter Davidson ( the wifes favourite) was just that vet from All creatures great and small for me. I have followed the show keenly since its return and I thought Tennant was very good. Not made up my mind about the new guy yet.
Of course I make my living from producing limited edition sculptures so I thought this would be an interesting project to undertake. Many of the Doctors have great faces for sculpture. I am working on Troughton right now and he has some great features!
I also wanted the buzz of creating an instant collectors item. This is a small edition and quite cheap compared to my usual stuff so when they are gone they are gone and a full set should be worth quite a bit in a few years time.


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For me at least Tom Baker will always be the quintessential Doctor Who actor since it was his episodes that I started watching as a kid in the 70's on the local PBS channel. I of course then was hooked and watched all of the old episodes as they aired with the Doctors who came before (William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and even the Peter Cushing movies) but it was Tom Baker, with the instantly recognizable scarf, that is forever in my mind as being The Doctor with Jon Pertwee a close second.

After Baker left Peter Davison wasn't bad but it just wasn't the same and I absolutely hated Colin Baker's time. By the time Sylvester McCoy took on the role I was not at the same level of being a fan that I was before. Skipping Paul McGann (the George Lazenby of the Dr. Who world) it wasn't until the revived series with Christopher Eccleston that I grew to appreciate the series again and have been faithfully watching it since.

Somewhere at the house I have an old Polaroid from a convention in the early 80's of me & brother standing with Tom Baker. I was rocking my blue Members Only jacket with my Dr. Who pins on the front. Good times, good times.... (y)