Irina's Ho

Oct 30, 2004
A/N: An unapologetic threesome. Thanks to Julie for beta duty.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, they do be JJ's. I only take them out to play. Perhaps a bit deviantly! ;)

No doubt this wanders into NC-17 area.

If you don't like threesomes...bye-bye!


Will adjusted his dark, wire-framed glasses and rubbed his bleary eyes as the words started blurring together. The large oak desk he was hunched over was covered in books. Research. It wasn’t his first love, but it was closer, much closer than working construction.

Massaging his temples, he pushed his chair back from the desk. For three days he’d been holed up in this room, which was conveniently part of his bedroom suite.

The estate -- mausoleum, really -- was immense. It was warmly decorated in earthy hues, but its sheer size made it feel desolate. Or perhaps it was just the lack of people. In the past three days, he’d only had limited contact with the staff. They were cordial and accommodating but reticent to engage in conversation or provide him with information on his employer.

When the opportunity had come his way to travel abroad to conduct research for a writer, he’d been reluctant. But his life was stalled, and he wanted to reclaim it. With Jack’s help, he’d secured new documents under the name of William Moore. Having half his given name back was a start. The work assignment was interesting although, he found himself getting desperate for conversation with someone other than himself.

A shadow fell over his notes. Startled, he spun around. A woman -- he pinned her to be in her mid-forties -- towered over him. Will stood up and ran his fingers through his unruly blonde hair. He needed a hair cut. “Hi.”


Her voice was heavily accented and he couldn’t place it. But the sound was enjoyable as it seemingly caressed his name, making it sound almost erotic. Tossing the pen he held aside, Will put out his hand and took hers. Her fingers were long and cool. He had the sensation of an electric jolt when she applied pressure.

“Right. I mean yes. You can call me Will.”

She wore a heavy wool charcoal gray coat that flowed to the floor. “I hope you are finding your accommodations suitable.”

“Sure.” When his hand slipped from hers, he shoved it into his pants pocket.

“It’s remote here. But I enjoy the quiet.”

“It takes a little getting used to.”

“Have you eaten?”

Will pushed back the cuff of his heavy cotton shirt and checked his watch. “Not in several hours.”

“Would you like to join me for dinner?”

“That be great,” he enthused.

“There is a small dining room in the west wing on the ground floor. It’s the fourth door on your right. Dinner will be served in twenty-five minutes.” Her smile was engaging as she moved out of the room.

Walking into his bedroom, Will changed his clothes and freshened up, finding himself looking forward to conversation after the extended solitude.

Twenty minutes later he was counting doors. The fourth was slightly ajar. He pushed it open and found a small round table meticulously set. A fire blazed in the hearth. It was a cozy, intimate setting.

Will listened intently for a minute to the music that played almost imperceptibly. Bach, but he couldn’t recall the name of the piece.

A makeshift bar had been set out on a teak table. Will checked the labels as he tossed several cubes of ice into a finely cut crystal glass. The firelight danced off the crystal bursting into a kaleidoscope of colors.

Deciding on scotch, he picked up the bottle of Glenlivet and poured two fingers worth into his glass. He swirled the dark honey-colored liquid around before taking a drink.

He felt her presence before he heard her. Her movements were so smooth and fluid, Will had the impression that somehow she glided into the room rather than walking. The filmy, burgundy skirt she wore hung low on her narrow hips .The hem kissed her ankles. The sheer blouse served little more purpose than to wash her skin in a dark, sensual hue. The scent of her perfume heightened his senses and left him a little dizzy.

“Tell me, Will, what’s your poison?”

Will looked at her blankly, trying quietly to oxygenate his brain. His eyes inadvertently dropped to her chest. The blouse or whatever the hell it was she was wearing was little more than tinted gauze. He found himself gazing directly at her breasts. Nice. Perky nipples, he mused. Sh*t. He ordered his eyes to move and they ignored him. “My what?” He managed to choke out, all semblance of composure gone.

Had he not been distracted, Will might have noticed the satisfied look of a predator. One who knew with certainty that her prey had no avenue of escape, and was settling down to enjoy the entertainment the hunted would inevitably provide.

Her long fingers reached out and wrapped around the hand that held his drink. The infinitely light touch of her hand against his raised the hair on the back of his neck and his skin erupted in a series goose bumps.

“Can I freshen your drink?”

Certain that his face must be blazing, he raised his eyes but was unable to hold her piercing stare. He was already feeling an overwhelming buzz. “No, I’m good. Thanks.”

An hour later, the remains of dinner had been removed from the table. Will sat transfixed, at ease, and yet his very pores hummed every time she spoke, or gestured. The conversation flowed easily between them. It was obvious that she had a talent for putting people at ease, disarming them. The warm, playfully provocative smile rarely left her face.

They’d discussed his credentials and the progress he’d made with the research. Will was pleased that he’d managed, for the most part, to provide intelligent answers and had avoided staring at her. The second part had proven the most difficult. He was grateful for the low lighting in the room; the shadows shrouded her. The constriction in his pants was proving uncomfortable and did not seem to be abating. Bewitching. Yes, she owned that word.

“Will, you’ve been an enjoyable dinner companion. Thank you for joining me.” She pushed back the intricately carved captain’s chair and stood.

Will followed her lead. “Thank you. It was nice having someone to talk to.”

“I hope you don’t think me rude. But it has been a long day and I’m anxious for the comforts of my private quarters.”

“No, not at all. Thank you for the dinner invitation. I hope we’ll get a chance to talk again.”

She watched him carefully as her index finger ran absently over her lips. “Would you like to join me?”

Will’s eyes widened slightly and he tried to ignore the twitch in his pants. “Join you?”

She looked amused by his confusion. “For a drink,” her dark, throaty voice clarified.

Return to the musty old books or spend more time with … Will checked his disturbingly clouded brain. He didn’t even know her name.

Without waiting for an answer, she opened a set of French doors and stepped into an expansive space. On one wall, dark mahogany bookcases stretched from floor to ceiling, surrounding a massive fireplace. A sofa and two wing back chairs were clustered close to the hearth. The far end of the room was lost in darkness except for the two candles that flickered in wall sconces, illuminating the outline of a king-sized, four-poster bed.

Later, he would be unable to pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed. When in the conversation had his hand reached out to allow his fingers to flick across the soft material that was caressing her breast so tantalizingly?

He had no recollection of her hands unbuttoning his shirt and yet it hung open from his shoulders. And there they stood. Silent. She was backlit by the hue cast by the fire. Flames, heat, fire. It all reflected vividly in her eyes. Eyes that seemed able to say everything while her lips remained mute, posed in a half-grin.

He realized there was something about her eyes he found… disturbing? No, disconcerting. They seem to hold a certain familiarity but that thought fled before he had time to explore it.

Her dark ebony gaze bore through him and he thought it quite possible she could read his mind. Although, at this moment reading his mind wasn’t exactly rocket science. He wanted her and didn’t bother masking the raw lust.

The cool touch of her fingers on his bare chest had turned the hum in his veins to a roar. The heat and the weight of her breasts against his palms immobilized him. When he reached up to unbutton her blouse, a challenge sparked dangerously in her eyes. His fingers trembled and he faltered. Her hand reached for his, and her whispered words were encouraging, relaxing. Hypnotic.

The next movements that pricked his awareness were those of his fingers sliding across the smooth planes of her shoulders and watching her blouse flutter to the floor. The cool cast was gone from her flesh. It now seemed to glow in fiery invitation.

Will couldn’t stop the groan that erupted when her nails scraped roughly over his left nipple. Her touch was like a branding iron. Fighting his way through the orange haze that had closed around his brain, he managed, “I don’t know your name.” It had seemed important and now, when spoken, so trivial.

He watched transfixed as her tongue darted out and rolled over her lips, wetting them, twice. The edges of her generous mouth pulled upward when she spoke. “Will you f*ck me harder if you know my name?”

The directness of her words was tempered by her sensual delivery, leaving it to sound like a reasonable question.

Will looked down. His pants had become uncomfortably confining. Her fingers had trailed over his abdomen and now rested on his belt.

Unconsciously, he licked at the bead of sweat on his upper lip.

“You can call me Laura, if you like.”

“Laura, that name doesn’t seem to suit you.” Sh*t, had he just said that out loud?


“Oh god,” he choked out when she tore off his belt and plunged her hand into his briefs. He scrunched his eyes closed and thought of his research in order to prevent an early eruption. She thinks you’re out of your league, Tippin, he chided himself, and a wide grin spread his lips. And even if you are going down in flames it never looked so damned good.

By the time they reached the bed, Will was completely unclothed. Sensing something, Irina questioned, “Are you nervous?”

“No.” He managed to muster an endearing combination of a confident, albeit boyish, smile. Women loved that. “Why is it I’m naked and you’re not?”

At this point the burn in his c*** was so intoxicating that he’d quite happily take her, clothes on or off. She was an unabashed hunter; he could play the role of prey for a time. Will’s eyes twinkled a little brighter with lust, the scent of the game between them.

Irina turned her back to him and pushed the skirt down over her hips as she swayed in time to some unheard music.

Will stepped close to her and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her dark lace panties. His tongue traced between her shoulder blades. Her flesh tasted of the devil’s own aphrodisiac.

He splayed his hands over her narrow hips and pushed the lace down her thighs and calves. He planted a series of light kisses on her ass cheeks as she stepped out of the underwear. With his hands firmly on her hips he turned her around, immensely pleased to see the heightened color in her face.

Irina raised her leg and he caught her calf in his hand. She glanced down at the stilettos that adorned her feet. Will reached for the narrow black leather strap and then paused. He looked at her, then diverted his gaze.


His fingers encircled her ankle, and he cleared his throat. “I ah, like the shoes. They suit you.”

Her throaty laughter surprised him. “Then the shoes stay.” Irina offered him a sultry wink. And that was the last full breath he drew before their bodies collided.

Tearing open the foil package, Irina cheeked the condom and dropped to her knees.

“Oh god.” Will moaned without restraint and watched, transfixed, as her mouth devoured his erection while she fitted the condom in place with a practiced expertise, never taking her eyes from his.

They tumbled together onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. The blood in his veins threatened to boil when her four inch stiletto heel bit into his calf leaving a bloody gouge in its wake. When her tongue lathed the length of the injury, he struggled to inhale. Sitting up, he cupped her ass in his hands and kissed her hip, maneuvering her unto her back and laying himself over the length of her.

Her fingers threaded through his hair when he nuzzled her breasts, first playfully then with more intent. Will felt her muscles tense and then he was looking up into the depths of her russet eyes. When she nipped his neck, his boyish grin transformed into a wolf-like snarl. As he bit into her shoulder he slid two fingers into her satiny wetness and was instantly rewarded with a moan.

The moment of understanding flashed between them; he was young and hard, but life had left its marks. Irina looked deep into his eyes and saw it there, a survivor, older than his years. A man. Who in that moment became interesting for more than just his young, well-toned body.

Her smile was wide, and his was wider as he spread her legs and settled between them. Irina hooked her ankles behind his head. Resting one hand under her ass, he raised her off the bed and buried his face in her heat. His tongue was relentless, locking in on her rigid clit and lapping over it until she could contain the buck of her hips no longer.

“Fu-ck,” she murmured, as he found a way to hold her still while his mouth worked at being a worthy adversary to her tightly held control.

Releasing her locked ankles, she wrapped her legs around his waist, purposely driving the heels into his skin. He groaned in protest and smiled manically when she straddled him and pinned his hands to the bed before taking his nipple into her mouth and sucking it until his c*** trembled and his moans were constant.

The warm wetness of her against his abdomen threatened to steal his sanity. He tried to relax as her mouth moved over him, tasting him and licking his entire chest. He was panting heavily.

Irina taunted, “You’re sounding distressed. What is it you want, Will?”

His voice was rough with desire. “To f*ck you senseless.”

“You’ll have to settle for me f*cking you senseless. But either way, you win.”

A short laugh vibrated against the breast he’d managed to catch between his lips. His tongue circled her nipple even as he felt her move into position to… He was not gentle when he flipped her. She landed hard on her back. Pushing her thighs wide apart, his lids drooped in heady anticipation. He paused to kiss the length of her leg as her hand reached down to fondle his erection.

Her eyes gleamed in feral arousal.

Taking his time, he stroked his fingers the length of her swollen folds before pushing her knees forward. “God, you are…bewitching.”

Will paused to watch her reaction. Even as her murky eyes held his, her hand snaked out and grabbed him behind the knee, yanking until he was upended. Irina was on top of him, completely impaled on his straining c*** before he had a chance to utter a protest. And then it didn’t matter as she enveloped him completely. His fingers buried and tangled in the bed sheets as she rode him brutally.

Will’s hips pistoned in time with hers. An unquenchable fire threatened to consume him and his sweat drenched body coiled more tightly as he strained for relief.

With a look of triumph in her eyes, Irina stopped suddenly. His look of confusion was quickly replaced by one of defeat and then exquisite release as she pushed him over the edge with the intense clenching of her muscles. He whimpered noisily as she drained him.

An hour later, Will’s mind was a complete blur as he dispensed with a third condom and then laid his cheek against her stomach. His finger made small circles across her hips. “Wow…that was incredible.”

Irina raked her fingers through his now damp curls. “You proved interesting.”

“Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?” He asked casually while trying to hold off the lure of sleep.

Her words were friendly. “It was a most entertaining warm up.”

“Warm up?” Will lifted his head off her, planted his elbow on the bed and held his chin in his hand. “Sorry Laura, but Mr. Willy is spent. Nothing short of an act of God is going to raise him again for at least a couple of hours.”

He was watching her but got the impression that he was talking to himself, as her attention was clearly elsewhere.

“Tell me, Mr. Tippin, did you enjoy f*cking my wife?” The deep baritone reverberated around the room.

Will shivered as his sweat drenched body cooled instantly. He turned his head towards the voice and found himself staring in to the terrifying face of Jack Bristow.


TBC (1/2)


Mar 15, 2004
An unapologetic threesome
Are there apologetic ones? :LOL:

Great to reread this hawt piece of Deviance! Helps to tide me through another week without sd-1. *sigh* And thanks for sending me the link.

When I first read this, I was like Will?!, WillandIrina, WillIrinaandJack!!... then the hawtness kind of overcame my shock. :LOL:

Your muse must be one creative creature to inspire you to write this surprising threesome. :P Should I be thankful it wasn't J/I/S? :Ph34r: Think you might have had to apologise for that. :D

Irina's Ho

Oct 30, 2004
Willingly- Part 2

“Tell me, Mr. Tippin, did you enjoy f*cking my wife?” The deep baritone reverberated around the room.

Will shivered as his sweat drenched body cooled instantly. He turned his head towards the voice and found himself staring in to the terrifying face of Jack Bristow.

“Oh f*ck.”

“Hardly an eloquent answer.” Jack chided.

Horrified into silence, Will sat unable to move. Irina Derevko? He’d f*cked… been f*cked by Irina Derevko. Oh Christ. She was on the top ten list of the CIA’s most wanted. Most likely in the top five. How many men had she killed? And they’d stopped counting twenty five years ago. No doubt she’d left scores more bodies in her wake since

Instinctively, Will covered his crotch protectively. Irina seemed friendly enough for a terrorist slash serial killer, he supposed. She’d left him unscathed, save for a few deep scratches. Three times. Not once but three times he’d got off. And when he dared steal a glance at her, sitting there looking disheveled and flushed, he knew without doubt that given the opportunity, he’d do it again.

“It’s natural. She has that effect on people, the ability to render them speechless. Although in my case she f*cked me until I couldn’t shut-up.” The crinkles at the edge of Jack’s eyes twitched slightly.

“Don’t be a bastard.” Irina growled while extricating herself from the rumpled sheets. She slid off the bed and stood in front of him defiantly.

Jack finished the drink in his hand and set the glass down on the bedside table. When the hand he’d held behind his back emerged, Will jerked backwards instinctively and then frowned as Jack handed Irina a single orchid.

Jack’s large hand snaked around her waist pulling her body towards his. Irina smiled and parted her lips. He bent his head and his tongue swept through her mouth in greeting. She could taste the heady spicy, fruity blend of the MacCallum’s whiskey he’d been sipping and their bodies seemed to melt into each other.

It was at that moment that Will realized, Jack Bristow was stark naked and sporting an enviable hard on.

“Happy birthday, darling.”

Irina admired the flower before setting it aside. “Thank you. It just got happier.”

His dark eyes softened and widened slightly when he teased. “I take it you’ve been enjoying it so far?”

When Irina turned around to face Will on the bed, Jack slapped her ass playfully before encircling her waist with one arm and her chest with the other.

“Umm.” She sighed, as Jack released the clip that held her hair up.

His mouth was on her ear as he whispered, “I noticed.”

“When did you arrive?”

“Not long ago.” He said evasively.

Eyes gleaming in triumph she turned her head and kissed his rough cheek. “Two hours, three minutes. I win.”

Catching her chin in his hand, Jack kissed her again, roughly, unleashing the desire he’d kept in check. The heat of his touch matched hers and she moaned appreciatively as he deepened the kiss and his tongue pillaged her yielding mouth. She tasted sweetly of his darkest desires.

His lips were still touching her when he corrected. “Two hours four minutes and thirty-nine seconds.” Jack held up his bare arm showing her the display on his watch. Her lusty laugh was swallowed by his next kiss.

Jack loved the way her eyes gleamed, even as he realized he’d walked right into her trap.

“You were here all along.” She accused as her fingers dug possessively into his ass cheeks, driving his hardness against her belly. As skin connected with familiar skin the excitement between them grew exponentially.

“What the hell is wrong with you people?” Will hollered out. “And what did you mean ‘here all along’? And what is two hours, four minutes and thirty nine gorram seconds? And what exactly did you win?”

Jack and Irina turn their attention to Will as though just realizing that he was still there.

“He’s found his voice.” Jack deadpanned

“Jack, be nice.”

Will was certain she purred rather than spoke.

“Irina, he got to f*ck my wife and his prick is still attached. I think that qualifies as nice.” He reasoned as his fingers raked through her hair sending it cascading down her back.

Looking down at his flaccid penis, Will glanced around for his clothes but they were in a heap at the other end of the room. He grabbed at the sheet and covered himself.

“Relax, Will. He’s teasing.” Her leonine eyes were glowing dangerously.

Will looked at her in disbelief as she smiled. “Teasing? Jack Bristow doesn’t tease. Or make jokes and if on the off chance this is a joke. It’s a really bad one.”

Irina squeezed Jack’s chin between her fingers as she planted a wet kiss on his lips. “I assure you. Jack does indeed have a sense of humor, he just hides it well.”

“This was a set up.”

Jack resisted the urge to bury his face in the soft waves of her hair while he responded “It’s her birthday. I wanted to give her something fitting.”

“And I’m fitting? What am I the latest sex toy?’ Outrage was so much less effective in the nude, Will rued.

Tweaking one of Irina’s nipples between his finger’s, his stoic façade in place, Jack retorted, “No batteries required.” That earned him a sharp swat from Irina.

“Jack. You’re terrible.” The gleeful look in her eyes said otherwise.

“You people are f*cked.” Will tore the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around his waist. “I’m not some pawn to be screwed over for your amusement. I thought this was a legitimate job.” Stumbling as he got off the bed, he turned around to face them, incensed. “You hired me to service your wife?”

Unperturbed by Will’s outbreak, Jack pulled Irina into his lap. He held her still as the touch of her skin against his fevered erection proved exquisitely intense “Two hours, four minutes and thirty-nine seconds, is precisely the amount of time it took from the moment you first met Irina ,until you were on the bed begging for more. That was a nice touch asking her name after you were half naked.” He sounded as if he were scolding an errant child.

Jack lifted Irina’s hair away from her neck and planted a kiss behind her ear. “Your outfit at dinner my dear was shameless.”

Playfully, Irina turned and bit his lip between hers. “It got the job done. I won.”

Will’s outrage collapse, he stood stupefied, barely managing not to stutter. “How did you… oh my god, you were watching us the whole time?”

Jack’s hand caressed the length of Irina’s thigh as he placed a kiss on her shoulder. He reached down to her ankle and unhooked the black leather shoe straps, pulled the shoes off and tossed them aside. “Those damned things are dangerous.”

Irina winked at Will and he felt the heat sear through his injured calf.

Will stalked over to the side of the bed, his anger feeding his bravado. “That’s why you wouldn’t let me kiss you on the mouth isn’t it?”

Irina’s teeth scraped over Jack’s bicep before she answered. “It’s such an intimate gesture when you didn’t even know my name.”

“B*tch.” Regret for the outburst was immediate as Irina’s foot kicked out and hit him in the thigh sending him sprawling.

Jack tensed and Irina soothed him with a touch. “You, Mr. Tippin are either very brave or very stupid.”

“I don’t appreciate being used.”

“It was a game. You were not coerced, or tricked. You decided to play. Willingly. Your righteous indignation after your rather inspired performance is disappointing.”

Christ, he couldn’t fault her logic. Inspired? Really? For god sake, Tippin, focus.

Before he could respond she held her hand up. “This conversation is over. It’s my birthday and I intend to celebrate. Starting now”

Getting up off the bed, Irina strutted through a door Will hadn’t noticed before. When she returned she carried an open bottle of 1972 MacCallum’s.

Will had retreated to his clothing and was pulling on his briefs. He watched her tip the bottle to her mouth then she leaned over Jack and dribbled the whiskey across his lips. Will’s penis jerked and he climbed into his pants.

Jack’s tongue darted out and licked her lips. The chocolate brown in his eyes was glazed over with an ungodly desire. He entwined his fingers through her shimmering auburn tendrils and pulled her closer. Their whiskey drenched tongues parried. When Jack grabbed her hips, his rigid c*** ground against her thigh and they both groaned without inhibition.

“God, Jack I want you in me now.”

A ripple of heat traveled the length of his straining erection. The gravelly, seductive tone of her voice never failed to enhance his arousal. “Patience darling,” he murmured before his swollen ruddy lips left hers to explore the nipple that hung above him. Jack bit down sharply and she yelled. Chuckling, he spread his lips and sucked on her breast until her soft flesh filled his mouth. He was content just to suckle languidly for a time.

Irina’s mews were constant and the heat radiated off her in waves. Jack recognized her state of hyper-arousal and let her engorged breast slide from his mouth. He moved his hand to grip firmly behind her neck as he slipped three fingers into her slippery, welcoming core. Irina wailed when he gave his hand a half turn and stroked her most erogenous enclave. And still he felt her resist.

“Dammit Irina, come for me.”

Panting, and riding his hand, she was on the gulf of the pleasure but refused to accept it. Not yet.

Blindly, she reached out, her fingers closed around the cool, smooth glass of the bottle of whiskey. She guzzled a drink then filled her mouth and wrestled Jack’s hand away from her body before turning around and snaking down his torso She rubbed her cheek against the satiny skin of his penis and then sent a small spray of whiskey, from between her teeth to rain down on him.

Jack’s body lifted off the bed as an electric jolt pierced his spine. “Oh f***, baby.” Came out in a scrambled groan.

A chilling puff of air blown the length of his erection, blurred his mind. When her tongue flickered lightly over his engorged head licking at the whiskey and pre-come, Jack’s fingers pushed against her ass cheeks bringing the sweet dewiness of her c*nt to his mouth.

Their world dissolved into a dusky cloud of touch and tastes. As his teeth and tongue worshiped and tortured simultaneously, he could still feel her resistance but didn’t care. His every pore was flushed with intoxicating pleasure and her game of trying to break his control before he broke hers only pushed it into another realm.

The second Irina deep throated him, Jack stilled and buried his hands in her mass of hair and indulged in a couple of long, deep thrusts before pulling on her hair hard. His c*** rebelled at the loss of her.

Irina turned and devoured him with a look of carnal madness. Jack’s lips curled at the edges, predatory, hungry and ready to be satisfied. In a deft move he flipped her onto her belly and pinned her hips between his thighs.

Will hadn’t moved from his spot. The effort of buttoning his shirt had become too overwhelming at about the same time they had decided to go down on each other in a lurid and mind-blowing display.

The scent of their lust wafted through the room. Every moan, every gasp, hauled him into a drug-like state. Will watched them writhe over each other. Their muscles rippling and straining, their bodies covered in a shimmering sheen.

He tossed his shirt on the floor and swore under his breath when his briefs got caught while he was lowering his zipper. Reefing on the jeans he got them off. Silently, he approached the bed. The innocent blue eyes, now the murky eyes of a devote Bacchanalian.

She had saturated his skin with sex. The taste of her was still potent on his tongue. Like a moth to the flame, aware that it could consume him, Will moved closer to the bed. He could make out the individual beads of sweat as they streaked down Jack’s back.

Unaware or uncaring of Will’s presence, Jack reached for the bottle and poured a shot of the oak colored alcohol between Irina’s shoulder blades. His tongue aggressively chased the liquid as it streamed down her back. He couldn’t keep her from squirming when his relentless tongue trailed down the cleft of her ass.

Jack raised his head and nipped her buttocks soundly, leaving his mark. Raising up onto his knees, he grabbed her around the middle and lifted her up into the doggie position.

Will stood by the bed, breathing rapidly, feeling the sweat pool at the base of his spine. He briefly wondered if one waited for a verbal invitation. Or, was the fact that he was still there, alive, good enough?

The one time his gaze clashed with Jack’s there was only a look of disinterest as Jack was preoccupied with the task of spreading Irina’s thighs and assuming a comfortable position.

Irina’s hand reached out and took Will’s. Needing no further encouragement he discarded his briefs.

Jack leaned down, his steel streaked hair already damp and disheveled. Her body felt so pliable beneath him. He took her earlobe into his mouth, tugging and sucking it between his lips. “You won the bet darling. If that’s your choice of prize, it’s fine by me.”

She twisted her head towards Jack. He kissed her cheek and she nodded.

Jack moved back so that he was sitting on his knees, upright. His hands cupped both her breast and he pulled her to him.

Will raised the bottle of whiskey to his parched lips and swilled steadily for several seconds until the burn proved too much. He put the bottle down aware that Irina was pulling on his hand. Irina’s dark hooded eyes held him captive and the next thing he was aware of was the coolness of the satin sheets against his back. She was a vision straddling him on all fours.

Jack reared over her, his hands found purchase on her slender hips and he expelled a long vigorous grunt as he pushed forward into her not stopping until he was buried to the hilt.

Irina’s cry of pleasure was followed by Will’s as her slippery, rigid clit ground along the ridges of his erection.

“You really have great t***.” Will enthused mindlessly as everything assaulted his senses at once.

The whiskey had induced a new boldness in him. Will greedily raised his mouth so he could nuzzle her delightfully engorged nipples. Amusing himself with first one then the other while pleasantly aware that with each of Jack’s deep thrusts her silky folds were riding the length of his bare c***.

Jack’s third lunge was hard and it unseated the remaining fragments of her control. A tidal wave…a little death that she embraced fully as Jack whispered, “That’s it darling, fall.”

Irina felt the generous shot of whiskey cool her back as her muscles convulsed violently.

Jack slowed his strokes, using the alcohol as a distraction to buy them a little more time. When a wayward stream made its way down her arm, Will lap it up with vigor.

Lost to everything but ecstasy, Irina pushed back against Jack, urging him to take them higher. Her chestnut tendrils draped over Will as she put her mouth to his.

God, she tasted like he’d imagined; the very best blend of heaven and hell. As her tongue assaulted his mouth, Will was rushing quickly to his own release . The deeper Jack plummeted the harder she ground against his over-stimulated c***.

A cacophony of hungry moans played like a debauched symphony throughout the room. One orgasm quickly ran into another, leaving her spineless and floating and still rushing manically to a higher apex. The heat against her stomach came only seconds before Jack spasmed to relief, sending her tumbling into the deepest oblivion.

Time passed as their breathing settled and their sated bodies settled into the satin sheets.

Will lay there in the uncomfortable silence until she opened her eyes and pushed herself backwards. Jack draped his arm over Irina’s hip. She reached out and ruffled Will’s hair before kissing Jack. “Well that was…fun. Is anyone else starving? I’m famished.”

Jack looked at her stoically before letting a small grin part his lips. “I noticed.” He handed her the bottle and tilted it. When she returned the favor he drained the contents and she tossed the bottle carelessly into a wastebasket and laid her head against his chest.

“You need a shower.”

She laughed. “Sorry. I can’t move.”

Jack scooped her limp form into his arms and she clung to his neck. They lost themselves in a kiss as he staggered into the bathroom. With some fumbling he managed to turn on the shower.

Hearing their playful banter in the shower, Will roused himself, gathered his clothes and dressed. Wondering what the hell had just happened.

Forty-five minutes later, freshly showered and trying without success not to dwell on the events of the evening, Will stood outside her door. The door was slightly ajar but he couldn’t distinguish the muted conversation. He hesitated; should he knock? Or should he just exit?

Before he could decide her voice beckoned. “Will, come on in .”

Taking a deep breath, and squaring his shoulders he walked through the door trying to look casual while feeling anything but.

A card table has been placed in front of the fireplace. They were dressed in matching black silk robes. Irina was perched on Jack’s lap . The table was littered with several empty Corona bottles and the smell of hot pizza tempted Will’s taste buds.

“Yeah well, I just wanted to let you know I’m going now.” He marveled at how at ease she seemed. Either unconcerned or unaffected by her earlier behavior.

Jack seemed like Jack. Quiet, reserved, his face revealing nothing. “The job is legitimate, Tippin.”

Surprised, Will ran his finger’s through his damp, blonde curls. “Excuse me?”

“The job doing research for the Countess Aberdeen is legitimate. The Countess is out of the country for a few days and was generous enough to give us the use of her residence. She’ll be back on Monday and is quite anxious to see what you’ve accomplished.”

“You’re kidding me?” Jack’s cool expression didn’t change. “You’re not kidding me.” And this? Will wanted to ask…what the hell was this?

How was it in the throes of arousal deviant acts seemed rational? And once the glow faded, one was left with an intense feeling of awkwardness. Okay, maybe he was the only one in the room feeling awkward. Observing them both, they seemed unchanged. They made a striking couple. It was evident through the small touches and gestures and knowing looks that they shared something very deep. In love? Will bit back a chuckle, the idea of Jack Bristow being in love somehow just struck him as absurd, and yet.

His mind whirled in an attempt to reconcile everything to absolutely no avail. He settled on; when darkness falls and the lights are dimmed and the doors locked, you just never knew who might be succumbing to the lurid whispers and temptations of Bacchus

“Guess I’ll stick around then.”

Jack simply nodded and turned his attention back to the slice of pizza Irina was offering him.

On his way out, Will stopped at the doorway and turned back around. “Ms. Derevko.” If she minded the formal address it didn’t show. “Happy birthday.”

She flashed him a thousand watt smile. “Thank you, Will. Oh, and to answer your question.”

“I didn’t…”

“He likes to watch.”

Irina got off one sultry wink before Jack roared. “Dammit, Irina.”

The heated banter quickly turned to familiar murmurings as they forgot their surroundings and just focused on each other. They were unaware that on his way out, Will had seen fit to lock their door.


The End


Oct 24, 2004
Chicago area
spymaster said:
When I first read this, I was like Will?!, WillandIrina, WillIrinaandJack!!... then the hawtness kind of overcame my shock.  :LOL:
Ummm. That about sums it up.

Jack's birthday sounds promising, but I don't think Sark is his type. :cool: Francie is dead. Maybe Anna from season 1 would work; she's the closest ^_^ thing Sydney has to a living girlfriend.


Mar 15, 2004
J/I/S ~~~ ummm Sark....let me see....Jack must have a birthday coming up. *snerk*

I'm at a loss as to how that conversation would come up (I wouldn't be if you wrote it, heh), but if J/I had one about Will :blink:, they can have one about Sark. :D

And my cunning witch, my S was for Superman or Sloane.*snicker* Why else would you have to apologise for writing J/I/S? :LOL: I'm still recuperating from your last bout of I/S. *shudder*

More to the point, I'm hankering for some good old J/I. *points at your sig*

Irina's Ho

Oct 30, 2004
<i> More to the point, I'm hankering for some good old J/I. *points at your sig*

Well your little shipper heart will be most pleased with me. :woot:

I'm currently working on *ahem* visiting Ruger's conception :woot: FD #8 Of course :Ph34r: ahhh nevah mind.

And am putting the finishing touches on 2 ... J/I one offs. One set in a funhouse and one set in Jack's seekrit weapon filled love shack.

There is also another reason your shipper heart will thank me....but :Ph34r: for now. :shamefullyembarrased: :angelic:


Mar 15, 2004
A, my shipper heart is brimming over with joy at the news of all those goodies you're preparing after this long drought. It'll be like Christmas come early! :woot:

I've been dying to read about the famed Ruger conception since way back when :P :shamefullyembarrased: - heh, I knew you put Ruger in the story for a good reason! :LOL:

Funhouse? Weapons Love shack? J/I sure know how to treat themselves. :LOL:

Can't wait for the :Ph34r: :shamefullyembarrased: :woot: :angelic: - especially the :Ph34r: - giving me all the warm fuzzies already. :LOL:
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