Windows 8: Your Thoughts?


Today was the first time I found myself using this what I can only describe as a hideous OS. I found whilst trying to install programs (such as steam and chrome) I'd get this bright Pink screen pop up basically saying "no- your not installing this" with some protection thing win 8 has, God knows how to disable it but i managed to do something because I eventually (after 30 minutes of cursing) to install it. :mad:

Also, I found getting to explorer was difficult, the interface, UI is so unintuitive, lacking logic and ease of use. What should be simple actions win 8 makes it terribly difficult, not only that I'm quite sure it thinks (win 8) we all own touchscreens which i think the interface caters for, reality is most people don't and even if they did touchscreen on desktops in the real world just simply doesn't work leave this to Google and Apple with their mobile/tablet devices.

Verdict: Terrible bad, unintuitive, lacks that ease of use. I'll never upgrade to it but happen to use it today to setup my brothers computer. :mad: (n) (n)

I could go on how god damn awful windows 8 is but what are your thoughts on this gimiky OS?
I've never used Windows 8, of course knowing how old the computer that I have that I use, I might as well be on a potato.
Would never touch it. I'm an apple girl and while I appreciate some things Windows has to offer... they're trying to be too much like Apple. Leave the apple products to apple.
Completely agree with you Shelly. It IS hideous. IMO, it has more of a tablet feel. I still find it difficult to use.
I am so upset, upgraded yesterday to windows 8 without looking into it. I hate it, it has ruined my computer in my opinion. I don't know where anything is and it's driving me nuts!
I have it on one of my computers, a new one I got for Christmas. I haven't played around with it, but so far I haven't really had any trouble with it. And I installed Chrome with no issue. Although, it does have the tablet feel to it. So, as of now I am on the fence. I do know the guy at my phone company hates it.
It would be a waste of time and money for me to even think about buying it. My grand daughter has a new laptop with it on it and I was messing with it and it sucks....