Animation (WIP)Battlestar 2015-The Arrival

Randal R.

I dint see a thread on this project here....and I typically only have 1-2 wip threads on anything.

I had a major loss of the remake scenes and files and renderings (hours of them) began it again.
Only I have went thru the Space Station and the Shuttle and Re-done many of the mats.
again......Made the solar panel textures in c4d...I think they good. :D

Have also re skinned the vipers ..A-gain.

But I thought ..I like this site so here ya go.

All previous videos are obsolete.

Already had a reply that the Earth texture needs more resolution..a better map...
I don't have a better map,,and only expertise and a lot of money can really make one for you.

Best and Regards,,,,and hopefully like or enjoy what I am making.

meh..the sound efx of the Ufo is'd that happen?

Thank you for visiting my post.
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Already had a reply that the Earth texture needs more resolution..a better map...
I don't have a better map
Consult Celestia Motherload You will be amazed at the texture maps and models.
BTW, If you are interested, I think I have 2010 celestial motherlode in a zip file somewhere. Its a few gigabytes of maps and models. Celestia is free.
You can view the motherlode at this link
The Celestia Motherlode: Home

Here are some texture maps

32K VT Earth Surface Map
Harald Schmidt
32K flat (non-shaded) Earth surface Virtual Texture.

64K Jestr Earth Mark I DDS
Levels 0-5 DDS
Levels 6-10 (With U.K.) DDS
64K Earth, color saturated DDS Virtual Texture.

Real color Earth surface
4K Earth texture PNG
Earth texture in REAL colors.

I won't attempt to list all the maps and mods but here is the link to the page where I got these
The Celestia Motherlode: Earth Surface Maps

Before I hit the post button, let me show you what else they offer with a few 'select' images added

Battlestar Galactica TOS
You may need 7-ZIP to unpack this add-on.

The Celestia Motherlode: Babylon5

Babylon 5 (B5-1)
Planet Epsilon Eridani 3, the Babylon 5 Station Maintenance Bot and the Thunderbolt Starfury. You can find many more Babylon 5 files by clicking on the link arrow.

The Celestia Motherlode: Star Trek

Spacedock Star Trek III
Spacedock as seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

The Celestia Motherlode: Scripts
Cassini mission
v11 CEL
v12 CEL
Script for 1.6.0 (2009)
Script for 1.6.0 (2009)
v12 CEL
Dutch translation and adaption for Celestia 1.6.0 by Marco Klunder, Korean by Fly_Space Cassini mission from launch to Orbital insertion.

The Celestia Motherlode: Fictional Craft and Worlds

Silent Running
7-Zip format
Zip format
Packaged by Adirondack Valley Forge, Berkshire and Sequoia from the movie "Silent Running." Select only one of these archives, either the ZIP file or the 7-ZIP file.
Oh, One more resource for ships - Not sure if you can use them for your projects but still pretty cool.

Jeff Russel's Starship Dimensions.
Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities
That is his current front page
The starships are now in the archives here

This site is intended to allow science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of their favorite science fiction spacecraft by being able to compare ships across genres, as well as being able to compare them with contemporary objects with which they are probably familiar.

The scales are based on meter-to-pixel ratios so that they are accurate on any platform. The background grid is divided into groups of ten, and larger groups of one hundred pixels, to allow for easy measurement.


Battlestar Galactica 'Columbia', adapted from a schematic drawn by J. Stevenson.
Official Length: 610m, click here for an alternate length and discussion of the 'Columbia' size.


Klingon Negh'Var 682m


Minbari Sharlin class cruiser
I followed the link on BSG ship size and found this.
Battlestar Galactica Ship Sizes

Site Creator said:
I have been doing some independent research in the effort to determine the size of the Galactica. There are basically three camps on this issue, one that says the Galactica is 2000 feet long, one that says it is 6080 feet long, and one that says 2-3 miles long. My original intent was to present evidence that the 6080 measurement is the correct one but after doing the research I've come across some interesting measurements. I now intend to present all my research in an unbiased manner and let you, the reader, decide what you want to believe.

Pictorial examples from his research


Though this image is blurry, it is the only picture I have been able to find that was taken from a position far away and directly at the side of the ship. The camera being being far away is important because it suffers less from lens distortion and perspective problems. This will cause some minor inaccuracy in my measurements but overall it won't significantly affect the outcome of the measurements.


Using Jim Creveling's model, and the measurements in the previous picture, we get a width of 1672 feet. Since we know the model's dimensions were 76" long, 30.5" wide and 11.5" tall (information acquired from the wonderful page Sheba's Galaxy) the total length of the Galactica comes to 4166 feet.


Here is a picture of a viper traveling down the launch tube. You'll note that while the ribs are triangular, the overall tube actually is circular. Using measurements from "The Official Battlestar Galactica Blueprints" by Today Press I've roughly measured the tube to be about 16 feet in diameter.
Gee..You really do add to a reply..:D

Here are some I found...and to my surprise..they are the same pretty much as the PXG Planet Maps
I use.

Steve Albers' Planetary Maps (Global Images)

Planet Earth Texture Maps - High Resolution

Tutorial on the city lights..

Cinema 4D Tutorials Index

Planet Rendering Tip #1 - City Lights

Still have not had time to peruse that other monster reply with all the add on info.
"Life really is much shorter than it used to much more to do and think about now..
so,there is even less time to do it all in..."
We have a New Update.......Skywalker must not become a Jedi.
--opps wrong genre hahaha

The latest Video Update for this Fan-Short Animation

More details in video description.

I DL'd that one of TOS Galactica links you added to this thread. Tom,if your seeing this,thanks for all that.
Want to get a better look at the mesh and see if I can texture it.
Will try and keep going with this. I already got the basic storyline from the original
video I had done years ago.
Best and Regards,

Randal R.
Well, Just saw a video of an Earth rendering in C4d. The uploader says they were
like 12,000 x 6,000. I believe one of them was 16,000 x 8,000!
Came by to see if I could find one in your replies. Looked awesome!
Link to Video

May as well show you the last upload wip update..which may also be obsolete again,
if I can find maps like the ones in the linked video..I will re do the opening.
Also been trying to improve the earth and sky..and rendered out just a BG clip.
-30 hours to render this video-

And the last upload of project video

This was not supposed to be work. Was supposed to be a quick remake of an old video I did.
Hard to be a professional when your not one. lol
Hope you enjoy anyway.

Added this render of the same scene with the new map. Think I will render it out some more.

And this is the same frame rendered with the previous planet map.

Randal R
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Came back to change the image of the old map of planet image...was not a good render and the Diffusion was is the old map re -render
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I still absolutely love that you guys created a model rocket based on the ship in the Rocket Babe series of books that you guys also wrote!

(Direct link to the Model Rockets category here at Cool Sci-Fi Alien Soup.... Model Rockets | Alien Soup)

Thanks Kevin! It's all a lot of fun building and flying them. The Cestris flew great and we tried to launch the U.S.S. PANDORA last week but the club's battery wouldn't fire all the engines so we'll try again in January. Randy should complete the draft for Rocket Babe, book 3, by Dec. 31st and is hoping to have it out by February.

We still love the BSG Vipers and are planning a mass launch of 10 this coming spring.

OK,,,we now have ignition.........

Up to date project video. Though I am feeling somewhat burnt out already..seems like I been on this for 3 months.

Try to enjoy a holiday..many will not get to.

Randal R.

We enjoy your work and are sorry for your loss. Randy and I think this is a great tribute to your mom and hope you'll find some smiles this holiday season as you remember and focus on all the things that made her special.

We still love the BSG Vipers and are planning a mass launch of 10 this coming spring.
Oh, that sounds cool! All 10 Vipers from you & Randy or is it a group collective effort?


OK,,,we now have ignition.........
Looking good! I'm always a sucker for creative projects involving classic BSG. :D

In the clip of The Arrival, what's the 2nd battlestar shown in the behind the Galactica?

I'm liking how you're experimenting with combining video clips from the series into your original animation. Just one minor correction though... in that clip with Baltar the Cylon that enters is not a Centurion, it's an IL series (Imperious Leader).
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Hey Kevin!

Well, he built our original Viper from a kit when it was first released by Estes back in 1979. Many years later in 2005 I decided to clone the original kit and made all the different versions you see on our website, including my Hyper Viper that can fly on 4 engines, so I suppose it's a collective effort between the two of us. I'm not sure if our total is 9 or 10 but our local NAR club just purchased a new set of launch pads and I think we'll be able to boost up to 10. If so I hope to launch all 10 at one time by April depending on when we can get to a launch. When I do we'll post the photos here.

Just as a teaser you and Randal might want to watch; Youtube clip from the most recent BSG; it's my favorite from that version. It's called Falling With Style. Galactica is falling through the atmosphere as they launch all the Vipers then jump at the last second.
n that clip with Baltar the Cylon that enters is not a Centurion, it's an IL series (Imperious Leader).

I have 2 clips I clipped from the series of is with Lucifer and the other are 2 centurions with the real cylon leader.
The one with the 2 centurions..they are a little bumbly in walking and each walk differently..
noticeable after many viewings.
I used the clip in the video also because I could edit the IL Series clip to look more like it is speaking what you hear. ( Mouth Piece flashing )

I only have centurions in model form of a poser model in c4d..which I can only animate in C4d R10
and using dials that are tedious at best..and to walk is to pull my brain cells out one by one trying to make one walk.
If I could..I could possibly superimpose an animation into the clip..but I have really no experience in compositing
VFX and the like.

I once made the Throne/Chair room early in my foray in C4d..but it has long since been lost.

.....If you would like to invest 160 million dollars..I can get some people to build one and make costumes...:D
Just Kidding.

Also got an updated video of the Arrival in progress.

Bonus Video....another Quick foray while i was working and rendering the Arrival.
A Music Track I made/mixed with Xray Dog Music some time ago..this time i used
actual NBSG Clips that I thought of to put into it.

this is a big thread to me.
I tried to quote it..and it eludes me again...on the previous post...OH OH OH yeah.
I remember that..was Awesome! Falling Galactica.
---maybe use that in the Are You Alive video at some point possibly.

Quote- What is the other battlestar?
it is a David Kerin Model. one of the oldest and first probably made of the Galactica<<
Got it years ago at Colonial Fleets which is now I think non existent.
It is there as homage to the original and as a support ship.

Hope you enjoy my post.

Best and Regards,

Randal R.
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Update: I wanted to add this into the first post but, cannot.If it's possible,like to switch the obsolete/deleted...
if I deleted it on YTube ,then it is not worth watching :( anymore.


many things are much more noticeable when you can sit and watch it render.
may never ever notice or see it in the video,, but it all adds up.
And many many times,,you may not notice anything amiss till the 100th viewing of the video.

In the clip of The Arrival, what's the 2nd battlestar shown in the behind the Galactica?
I thought I answered this, but I did not see it in my reply...It went something like this.
It is the Original Battlestar done by David Kerin and is probably one of thee oldest 3d model meshes of her.
and one of the few I have :D
This Galactica model is not a recreation in such that it has all the greebles and add ons like tanks,substituted
with objects in place of.


I've been off the grid the last month or so as we finished the manuscript for the next edition of Rocket Babe but I wanted to let you know I do come back to catch up on what you're doing here. If I had your skills and patience I'd never get any of my normal work done. Keep it up!