Animation ‘Witchblade: The Anime Series’ Available For Free Download On iTunes


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‘Witchblade: The Anime Series’ Available For Free Download On iTunes

MTV Splash Page said:
Top Cow Productions — in a partnership with renowned animation studios Funimation and studio GONZO — has announced that “Witchblade: The Anime Series” is available for free (that’s right, free) download on iTunes starting today through October 26. According to Top Cow’s press release, “Witchblade” is the first U.S. comic book property to be made into an anime.

A best-selling comic in its own right, “Witchblade” tells the tale of Sara Pezzini, a woman who becomes the bearer of an ultra-powerful (and even moreso destructive) ancient weapon known as the Witchblade. However, in the anime version of the story, we follow a new heroine named Masane Amaha, a lone wanderer who stumbles upon the powerful Witchblade in Tokyo in the distant future. Soon, Masane finds herself in the middle of a war between Tokyo factions, and must decide how to use the power of the Witchblade.

After the jump, check out Top Cow’s promo image of the anime, as well as a direct link to where you can download “Witchblade: The Anime Series.”


The link to download the free episode is:

Did you download “Witchblade: The Anime Series?” What didja think? What other U.S. comic book properties do you think would work as anime?
(Via MTV Splash Page)

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