With out politics

Ok, In the 60's we managed to reach the moon, Then space travel pretty much stopped all togethor, Almost nothing was herd of it, I have been informed this is largly due to those worthless politicions.

My question is just how far we may have gotten if we didnt have those stupid politicions getting in the way..I have talked to friends and we have agreed that Mars would have already been if not close to being reached...

I also brought up the idea of a base on the moon, Main reason is that a rockets largly carrys fuel in take off, If launched from space alot less fuel would be used, And more essential supplies could be carried, With a possibly bigger ship and crew.

Any thoughts?
Politics has, and will always play a part, and I think that it's a double edged sword. In some ways it can help, such as Kennedy pushing so hard to beat the Soviets to the moon, but mostly I think it hurts, like years and years of Nasa budgets being cut for the sake of someone else's pork projects, or the funding on unpopular oil wars.
I think politics is the only reason we got into space during that period. As a show of pride or economic power.

Now that technologies are around for other things, we could go back, but as a business concern? Mining the moon and asteroid belt, orbital microwave power beaming, etc.