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An Old Friend
Wizards of the Coast
Dragons and samurai aligned with the wizards in 1997 to create the largest adventure game company in the world. In fact, the wizards became so popular that Mr. Potato Head and his friends at Hasbro, Inc. asked the wizards to join their family. Currently, the wizards develop and publish trading card games, tabletop roleplaying games, novels, magazines, family card and board games, and electronic media products. The wizards have many friends, including relationships with Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, and Marvel Comics.

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The Story of Wizards of the Coast

Beyond the shores of imagination lies the Emerald City of Seattle, a
perfect training ground for wizards. Here, you'll believe in the
impossible when you see giant birds of steel learning to fly and
mermaids of java on every corner. Here, the sun shines only for those
who have cultivated the art of patience.

Just outside of Seattle is a little town called Renton, where the
"Wizards of the Coast" work and practice and play. Each wizard has a
magical story to tell, for the miles of yellow brick roads that
brought them to the Emerald City are crooked and rocky ones. But the
wizards' favorite story of all is the one about the great wizard Peter
and his friends, who never gave up on their dream to make magic, and
who taught the rest of us to believe.

One night in the small college town of Walla Walla, Washington, four
friends gathered, as they often did, to talk and play games. On this
particular night, however, a dream was planted in their hearts when
one of the friends suggested that they make games of their very own.
Not just any games, but the finest games around. They even came up
with a name for their game company, so sure that their dream would
someday come true. They would call themselves Wizards of the Coast.

Several years later, a circle of eager wizards had gathered under the
name Wizards of the Coast. The wizard Peter had met a game-maker and
mathematician wizard named Richard and magic happened. The wizards
created a game that would come to be loved by thousands of people and
it would also make the wizards' dreams come true.

Dragons and samurai aligned with the wizards in 1997 to create the
largest adventure game company in the world. In fact, the wizards
became so popular that Mr. Potato Head and his friends at Hasbro, Inc.
asked the wizards to join their family. Currently, the wizards develop
and publish trading card games, tabletop roleplaying games, novels,
magazines, family card and board games, and electronic media products.
The wizards have many friends, including relationships with Warner
Bros., Lucasfilm, and Marvel Comics.

Magic is still made every day at Wizards of the Coast, for if we have
learned anything at all, it is this: when people with dreams and
diligence get together, anything is possible.

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I will be adding many subsections of Wizards of the Coast some with
supporting messages some without. This is the source.

Just wait till you check out the gallery pages...AWESOME!

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It took me awhile but I finally got the galleries for Wizards of the
Coast in the folder
I won't be posting messages for each of these links but I may attempt
to put them in the inventory. There's alot. Boy do I need some help...

Anyway There is some StarWars card galleries in the folder because
they came from the Wizards of the Coast main site. I wont be sorting
them out to SciFi folders anytime soon.

Those Monster Manual Galleries are pretty kool! Put one of those on
the electric bill envelope...

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2004 Compiled Archive -Maps
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A New Hope Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG
A New Hope Spoiler List

A Savage Art Gallery
So, you're waiting for your chance to play that favorite monstrous PC of yours, or you just want to see what other options the latest D&D supplement Savage Species: Playing Monstrous Heroes makes available to you as a player (or DM, for that matter). While you're waiting for the book to hit a store near you, take a look at some of the evocative illustrations in this art gallery featuring more than 50 illustrations from the book! You can ready yourself for savage fun on screen, or print out the pieces to use as visual aids of monstrous existence for your game.
Media | Dungeons & Dragons

Arcana Gallery

Art Gallery Archive
Stroll the hallowed halls of the D&D Art Gallery. You won't find stodgy security guards or noisy tour groups here, but you will see artwork for the world's most popular roleplaying game. Come on in and see what the best artists in the industry have been up to.
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Attack of the Clones(tm) Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG 180 Cards Total
Attack of the Clones(tm) Spoiler List

Battle Of Yavin Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG
Battle Of Yavin Spoiler List

Clone Strike Gallery
Star Wars Miniatures
Wizards of the Coast

D&D Character Sheets
This page contains download links to D&D character sheets. These files are zipped pdfs. They require Adobe Reader to open and print. You may print and photocopy them for your own personal use. Added for completion

D&D Monster Manual
To celebrate the release of the Monster Manual, our Monster Manual art gallery offers you a chance to see some of the exclusive monster concept art. Once you buy your own copy of the Monster Manual, compare these original pieces, by Todd Lockwood and Sam Wood, to the final published versions and see for yourself some monster-evolution.

Desktop Wallpaper HQ
Do you need to update your computer's desktop wallpaper? Do you want a new look to replace the one you have on your computer? Take a look at the wide range of novel desktop wallpaper options you have to choose from. Each wallpaper features art from the cover of one of our novels, and you can view it just by clicking on one of the links below!

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scifi...on=2&id=Desktop_Wallpaper_HQ_001114061800.urlDesktop Wallpapers Archive
Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has created numerous sets of desktop wallpaper. Get ready to grab your current favorite and apply it to your desktop.

Duel Masters IM Icons
Let everone on your friends list know you're a Duel Masters fan with our IM Icons.

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DuelMasters Wallpapers
Make your computer look cool with the latest Duel Masters wallpaper!

Empire Strikes Back Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Faiths and Pantheons
Whether cleric or commoner, wizard or warrior, nearly everyone in Faerûn pays homage to at least one patron deity. Faiths and Pantheons is crammed with colorful illustrations of those deities, their holy symbols, and more. Now you can enjoy this spectacular art online in seven divine galleries! In this art extravaganza of over 150 pieces, we bring you illustrations from Faerûn's different pantheons to enjoy onscreen or to print out as useful visual aids for your game.

ce, snow, and more greets your eyes when you open Frostburn, a supplement that takes your game into colder areas. Peek at the gorgeous art within this online art gallery and perhaps even grab a few images for use in your game.

GI Joe Armored Strike Checklist

Hasbro Unleashed Action Figure Promo Cards
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Hecatomb™ Archive
Concept Art

Jedi Guardians Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Magic The Gathering Wallpapers
Wallpaper of the Week Archive

Magicthegathering.com Full Archive
Article Archives

Map Gallery Archive
Finding cinematic action is easy in the Eberron Campaign Setting. Adding maps to your campaign is fun. Why not combine the two by taking a look at the map gallery that uses maps from the action-packed Eberron Campaign Setting book? These maps are not the final versions you'll see in the book, though enterprising DMs can personalize them for other uses more easily as a result.

Monster Manual II
The Monster Manual II comes packed with more than 150 new illustrations of challenging monsters to liven up your next game session. Preview this great artwork before the book goes on sale in this size-category Huge art gallery. Some are all-new creatures, and some are old favorites spruced up a bit. You can enjoy the images on screen, or print them out as exciting full-color visual aids for your party's next encounter. From Abeil to Zodar, we've got you covered.

Monster Manual III
Add some more fearsome foes and friends to your campaign with some help from the Monster Manual III supplement. To get an idea of what's in store for you, take a look at this online art gallery. Enterprising Dungeon Masters may wish to use the images within as visual aids.

Monster Manual v.3.5
Version 3.5 of the Monster Manual updates the statistics of the monsters you use (or encounter) in your D&D game. Take a look at the illustrations provided in our online art gallery. Players and DMs alike should find this an enjoyable resource as well as a treat for the eyes!

PC Portraits Online Archives
Looking for a series that you used to read? We keep our retired series online for a time here. They won't stay here forever, though, so we recommend that you print out old series for yourself, as once they leave this area, they live only in memory.

Phantom Menace Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Previous Edition Downloads

Promotional Cards
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Rebel Storm Gallery
Star Wars Miniatures

Return of the Jedi Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Revenge of the Sith Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

http://profiles.yahoo.com/skwirlinator Revenge of the SithTM Gallery
Star Wars Miniatures

Rogues And Scoundrels Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Sith Rising Spoiler List
WOC Star Wars:TCG

Themes/Skins Archive
Not 2 many

Web Enhancement Archive
Enhance your game sessions with bonus material for the hottest D&D releases of the year! Some enhancements feature "cutting-room floor" sections trimmed from the books for space reasons. Others are exclusives written especially as product enhancements.

d20 Modern Art Gallery Archive
The art of the D20 Modern Roleplaying Game captures the excitement and energy of this new game. Check it out for yourself in our latest online art gallery, featuring more than 100 original illustrations from the book. Enjoy the artwork on screen, or print out the pieces to use as visual aids in your game. Whichever way you go, we think you'll find yourself fast becoming a fan of Modern art.

These people are impressive!:P :worthy: