Wizards of the Coast-Wallpapers

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Wizards of the Coast is the home of Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Here is the wallpapers page. Another part of the site that is really kool is the Monster Manuals and the Miniatures sections.
I posted a few of the pics I have on my drive but only a few.
I played D&D a little while I was in the service back in the 80s but never got very deep into it. (level5 dwarf). If you're a RPG or D&D fan this site is for you. This site comes with Opera browser bookmark set.


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When my brother (brianw) & I were younger we used to play D&D often. For Christmas our Mom back then (early 80's) bought us an electronic D&D game that was pretty cool. I haven't played for a few years; lately I've it's been mostly reading.


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hardcopy will never be replaced!!!!! do your reading on a page, a paper page!

besides, when a laptop falls ofonto the floor in the toilet, it tends to break when it impacts! come on! us men need to take something in there to read :)


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I have to agree reading a paper book is a lot easier on the eyes still then trying to read a computer screen. Plus I like sitting in the comfy chair grabbing a good book and forgetting about everything else.