Movies Wonder Woman Mythology Movie Series Idea


An Old Friend
I recently had an idea for another movie series theme like the DC comic/Marvel/Monsterverse/Dark Universe series themes.

It has to do with the mythology of Wonder Woman and Justice League.
Specifically focusing on the Gods and Titans of history.

The first film in the series titled "Gods & Titans" opens the door for individual films for each God and titan in a battle against the forces of evil attacking a human dominated planet...Earth.

In Gods and Titans, the film focuses on the battle of Justice League against the forces of chaos led by Darkseid and Steppenwolf and the mother boxes. Specifically the gods and titans which battled along with the Atlanteans, Themyscirans and Humans.
The film also introduces other gods not in the battle but working in the background.

The next film focuses on the history of Zeus. When and how he arrived on Earth and the battles he fought, the history of his existence with the humans as well as the legacy he left behind. It explores his relationship with Jupiter. The film introduces Rhea and Chronos as a history which could be expanded in its own specific film in the series.
Hades and Posideon would also have their own stand alone films focusing on their abilities, legends and existence.

More films could explore the legends of Gaea and Tartarus as well.
Potentially, films could focus on Zeus' infulence on the rise of titans such as Leda, Europa, Apollo, Artemis, Leto/Helen, Dioscuri, Persephone, Demeter/Athena, Metis, Hephaestus, Hebe, Ares, Eileithyia, Hera/Dionysus, Semele or more...

Some could be foicused on battles while others could be fantasy romance films.
Plus, each of the gods have potential for even more films in the series thru their specific experiences.

There would need to be a tie in entity or theme device (like Monarch in the Legendary Monsterverse).
While most of the films would need to be dated in history, there is a potential for a need to rewaken slumbering gods and titans for a serious threat.
This could be set up in a future Justice League orWonder Woman film.
Just a quick appearance of a god or titan would be effective in setting up the film series from a well known, established film history.
Greek Mythology is pretty well-known.
Roman Mythology is also fairly well-known.

Perhaps DC could explore the Greek Mythology while Marvel explores the Germanic Mythology.
Thor, Loki, Frea, Godan, Frigg, Anskar, Volla and Hela are Germanic Mythology.
There is already a Loki focus.

The film Immortals focuses on titans and deed gods. Theseus, Hereclids, Minotaur & Titanomachi are depicted but not explored.

A Gods & Titans film series could explore all the mythological gods under a common plot device.
Personally, I think it would be an interesting film series worthy of big budget production values.
If done right from the get-go, could be a huge cash cow with a long production potential.

So, that's my idea for a film series yet to be developed.
Depending upon the success of the films, TV spin-offs could further expand the lucrative potential.
Plus, there's room for specials which explore the mthos of the film series and documentaries which show how the mythos is brought to life.