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Loose Canon Performer
Hey y'all!

I'm Shell I'm nearly 23 (in 10 days. EEEK!) I'm a Theatre student at Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth. I have a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Theatre and I want to be a Community Theatre practitioner.

Atlantis rocks, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I cried at the episode 'Sunday' and Voyager in my opinion is the best Star Trek! I watched the DVD of the new Star Trek I think about ten times when I got it for Christmas and watched it twice in the cinema.

I like Disney, Grey's Anatomy and baking. I'm also a bit of a tom-boy, though my favourite colour is pink.

Ask me anything! I really don't mind, I have no shame :smiley:

Hi Shell, welcome to the community. You're right down that leg of the country. Never met anyone from there :smiley:
Star Trek

Good morning ShellyM1987,

I had to have that new STAR TREK movie too, my favorite charater is Spock, I was overjoyed to see that Mr. Nimoy (original Spock) had a role in the new film.

Nice to meet you, make yourself at home here.
Welcome to the forums! Voyager is definitely a great show to watch in the ST series...though I find it hard to pick which is my absolute favorite.