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Global Electrical Grid- Electricity is deemed a life requirement and
in now provide free of charges worldwide.

World Food Bank- Governments no longer destroy crops and retail no
longer destroys products. All surplus goes into the world food bank.
Hunger is wiped out on the planet within 3 years. With food available
to all peoples of the Earth, brain development is better and new
science is discovered in old cultures.

Global Fresh Water Systems- Technology has developed to the point that
the entire Earth is now farmed. Desalination plants are as common as
Sewage treatment facilities and Glaciers are transported to deserts
where the water is irrigated and soil is imported. Lush jungles erupt
across the equator zones and weather patterns change.

Information Communication Beacon Towers- Powerfull handheld personal
data chips are supplied with a Global network of wifi source.
InterplanetNet provides communications and information to every human
in the solar system. Telephones and Ground mail systems are gone.
World Package Services can deliver any object to any place on or in
Earth within 24 hours. Interplanetary delivery not included.

Global Natural Forces- Now controls all weather reports and research,
geological reports and research, Catastrophy Relief and Aid,
predictions alerts and warnings.


An Old Friend
Study Says Nation Wastes Nearly Half Its Food

from Timothy W. Jones, Ph.D. University of Arizona
Mounting New Evidence Shows How Wasteful the Nation is with Its Bounty.
Supporting Reality

What he found was that not only is edible food discarded that could feed people who need it, but the rate of loss, even partially corrected, could save U.S.
consumers and corporations tens of billions of dollars each year. Jones says these losses also can be framed in terms of environmental degradation and national security.
On average, households waste:

* 14 percent of their food purchases.

* 15 percent of that includes products still within their expiration date but never opened.

* An average family of four currently tosses out an estimated $590 per year, just in meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products.
Nationwide, he says, household food waste alone adds up to $43 billion, making it a serious economic problem. (In addition to farms and households, Jones also is currently researching retail food waste, again a sector where annual losses run in the tens of billions of dollars.)

5 Creative Ways to Cut Your Food Bill