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Worlds at War (A Galactic Political Simulator)

Discussion in 'Games' started by YeshuaChrist, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. YeshuaChrist

    YeshuaChrist Cadet

    Mar 16, 2014

    The Title is pretty self explanatory, Worlds at War is a browser political simulator where people, i.e You and Me, each have our own planet. It's text based, so don't expect a bunch of graphics and the game is in an a beta-like testing phase, so it's frequent to run into bugs. However, most of the fun is in the meta where the actual politics take place. Planets band together in these things called federations where they seek to further their own political interest or just want to be a part of a group of like minded individuals.

    So why should you join?

    It'd be a fun experience and it would help bring life into the community. (Concerning the community: It is very edgy and mild racism is present. If you are easily offended don't join or just avoid the meta. It has a very 4chan like attitude.) The possibilities for interesting and or unique experience concerning roleplay and actual galactic warfare. I, sincerely hope you all join and have a fun time with this.
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