Write authoritatively about sci fi aliens?

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I just bought a new domain name today, alienomnibus.com (I couldn't believe it was available) and I've begun writing about the aliens in my three favorite sci fi universes - Stephen Baxter's "Xeelee Sequence", Larry Niven's "Ringworld" series and Arthur Clarke's "Contact" series.

As I am a sci fi nut with mad webskills, the site is already up and running and I am looking for people who can write authoritatively about the various aliens of movies, books, games and concepts. Plenty of sci fi universes remain to fulfill -

Star Trek
Star Wars
Babylon 5
Red Dwarf
Dr. Who

And so on. I'm sure this is not the best place to post this sort of thread, but before flagging me PLEASE at least point me in the right direction here. I'm sure there are plenty of sci fi nuts like me that would jump at the chance to put their digital pen to paper. Thanks!