Writing a series of sci-fi novels...

I am writing a series of six sci-fi novels. The plot is amazingly complex, but I will try to summarize as best I can without losing too much detail:

An alliance of friendly species needs to create a safe haven in a paralell timeline, but the alien menace that keeps on annihilating them exists in all timelines, so they can't just flee. The crew of the alliance's greatest ship, Expediator 128, attempts to create a super-species in the distant past in one of the paralell timelines, in order to lead their alliance to eventual victory against the enemy.

An incredibly powerful allied species comes to power (not knowing that they are the creations of Expediator 128's crew). They have antigravity kinetic weapons, Antimatter-Plasma Beam Cannons, Gamma-Ray Lasers, extremely powerful shields, and the fastest FTL drives theoretically possible (I might post the scientific aspects of this in a later post). Basically though, Expediator 128 is, relative from their perspective, from 800 billion years in the future from another timeline.

This is supposed to be set in the present and recent past. The first book (which is about 30% complete) encompasses a time span of about three months in 1993, when Earth gets ravaged by a hostile alien species. On the brink of extinction, humanity discovers an enormous alien base underneath the crust of antartica. They contact the species created by Expediator 128. After that, humanity's new allies wage an unprecedented attack against the agressors.

A dozen plot twists later, the enemies that attacked Earth surrender. The allies rebuild our decimated Earth, then extrapolate the missing genetic material from the few thousand surviving humans. They restore the population of Earth, altering the memories of the survivors and extrapolated clones. As such, the war technically happened, but Earth's population is unaware of the events that unfolded.

In the second, third, fourth, and fifth books, the United Nations of Earth build and maintain human warships in complete secrecy. In books 2, 3, and 4, human warships are very weak in comparison to most others, and are used primarily to nuke asteriods that otherwise would have hit Earth. By book # 5, Humanity's warships are formidible enough to hold their own in combat.

However, the series primarily focuses on the species created by Expediator 128, Humanity is actually a minor species; they have only one world, minimal combat forces, and are the only non-unified species in the alliance.

Eventually, in book #5 Expediator 128's creations face the final alien menace. The war does not go well at first; the enemy has an area-effective nano-storm that reduces planets to molten lava and warships to charred, lifeless husks. The alliance counters the enemy nano-storm, forcing them to actually fight ship-to-ship. Expediator 128 comes to the rescue, buying time for the alliance to find any one of twelve lost bio-ships, which hold biotechnology to exterminate the enemy. Ironically, the alien menace sends a vast fleet of ships from the future to destroy Expediator 128, each with extermination capabilities. Several future-ships are destroyed, and the badly damaged Expediator assimilates the wreckage. The Expediator's scientists create a deadly virus that exterminates the enemy presence, then they travel back to their timeline of origin and exterminate the enemy there.

The sixth book details the travels of Expediator 128. Although it is only in the prolouge of the first book, and the last half of the fifth book, it is continuously assisting the alliance forces in subtle ways. Also, it is revealed that the entire plan was devised by a single remarkable being: the first one of the superspecies, and the ship's AI that created it, merged with its consciousness, and appointed commander of Expediator 128.

And now in previewing it, i have realized that this "summary" is far longer than I anticipated...but I have spent too much time typing it to justify any major reformatting...

Thanks a million for reading!

Ideas? Questions? Comments?
A secret tehnology is growing in the human warships, A technology that will make the human forces invincible but at a dear price.
okay, so the expediator 128 crew put a super species in the past, but why?
was it so they could evolve into a super-race. were they not as powerful when the expediator put them there?
your writing style is reminiscent of frank herberts i think. he wrote bits and peices of all his books in a non linear way. meaning hed be wrtiing parts to children of dune before he even finished dune. it seems like a cool creative process. i meyself haven't yet written anything with the longevity to call for such a process yet. i do, however, plan to put up on my blog a serial novel-released in chapters. i think your sexology is a great concept. you should check out the two works on my blog if you get a chance. i would also like to post some outlines im working on and could use the input of another writer
As for the first reply, I already have a species like that. Considering their relativly low-tech ships, the Avaons are virtually invincible in ship-to-ship combat.

Secondly, the Expediator created the super-species as the perfect leaders of an alliance. Their old alliance lacked a lead species, so they figured that by adressing that flaw, they could win if given another shot at it. So, they went to a paralell timeline (in the far past) and started their plan.

Originally, they only wanted another timeline as a safe haven; they never figured that their experiments would be so successful as to be able to exterminate the enemy in their home timeline.