The governor had his eye patch on wrong eye about 20-30 minutes into the episode tonight

Starts out on his left *our right* and then suddenly he's wearing an eye patch over his RIGHT eye *our left*

WTF?! That totally blew me away lol

:eek: :ROFLMAO:
Glen Mazzara has already gone on record to say that sometimes they have to make edits with the negatives to accommodate the editing and deadlines they encounter. Hence, the reason why in Season 3 Episode 10 "Home", we see Daryl's back tattoo swapped from his right shoulder blade to his left as well as the cut on his eye swapping sides as well. It's sloppy but sometimes it has to be done, unfortunately.
I was only speaking about the back tattoos since Mazzara tweeted about that a while ago. But yes, I naturally assumed he was looking in a mirror for that scene.
Still can't forget that little blooper where Carol leaves that head thingermabob still on her head when T-Dog is attacked but when they find T-dog, her head thing is there, lol.
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