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Mouthy Cow
<p>Since this morning hitting the reply button (and this new thread button) is giving me a blank text edit field which accepts html.</p>
<p><br /></p>
<p>Now while I can write half decent html, I feel sure that this is unintended. I've never met a forum which allowed uses to write their own html.</p>
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<p>For now, I am assuming that BB code is also parsed by the Doo-Wop engine, but I haven't actually tested it.</p>


um ... well the edit reply gives me the raw html, AND it accepts it without parsing my tags into character entities.


Code Monkey
Staff member
Whoops, it was me, I broke it! Sorry. :oops:

Last night I was working on some tweaks to increase the performance of the site so that it loads faster for our members in their browser. Everything seemed to be OK while testing in our test version of the site so I rolled out the changes to Production in middle of the night. I missed, though, that the javascript needed for the editor was not getting loaded. :banghead:

I rolled back one of the more aggressive tweaks that was causing the issue and everything should be back to normal now. Even with that tweak rolled back the pages should now be loading a tad faster in the browser compared to earlier in the week.


Code Monkey
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If anybody else out there with XenForo is wondering, if you come across threads like this about doing explicit browser cache settings, then be careful about this part:
<FilesMatch "\.(js)$">
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .js
On our server that did bad things. The site still responds & loads but if you inspect the page in a JS console you'll see, at least in our case, that the JS files were unable to be included.