X-Files sequel hints and hidden storyline


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12:00 AM, 25-FEBRUARY-08
Carter Offers X-Files Hints

Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming second movie will be a stand-alone story that represents the best of the series.

"This movie takes some of the most, I think, essential themes of The X-Files and incorporates them and puts them to the test," Carter said in a group interview at WonderCon in San Francisco on Feb. 23. "I think that for me, so much of The X-Files was about skepticism, but it was also about faith, and I think that plays a big part of this movie."

The plotline of the as-yet-unnamed sequel remains a big secret--so much so that neither Carter nor producer/writer Frank Spotnitz would confirm or deny that spy photos of a werewolf head from the set were intentionally bogus or not.

But Spotnitz, speaking alongside Carter, allowed that the sequel will be "a stand-alone, scary movie. Scary, exciting movie. But it's also very much about these characters, very personal. A romantic, I think, emotional story."

Footage from the sequel was unveiled at WonderCon and showed the character played by Billy Connolly (whom Carter would only identify as a man with really long hair) and Amanda Peet, who has been identified as an FBI special agent in charge who goes missing.

"We came up with the story about five years ago, and we liked it, and pitched it because Fox had asked us to come up with something," Carter said. Protracted negotiations and legal "entanglements" delayed the sequel's start, he added. "So when we got the call from Fox that said, 'Make this movie, it's either now or never,' we said, 'OK, let's dust off that old story.' And that's what we did. We dusted off that old story, and we saw that it needed work. So we got back to work on it."

The sequel mirrors the passage of real time since the end of Fox's The X-Files TV show. "The truth is, after all that time, Mulder and Scully were different people, and we were different people, so the 'X-File' we came up with five years ago is still the X-File in the movie, but their personal lives--the state of their relationship, all those things--have changed over time, and that was kind of interesting," Spotnitz said. "To not only think about them after all this time, but, really, us as writers and what mattered to us and what we wanted to say in this movie [has also changed]." The X-Files sequel is still in production in Vancouver, Canada, with an eye to a July 25 release. --Patrick Lee, News Editor
I can't help but wonder, with all of the paranormal shows & movies that have come & gone since X-Files series ended, whether or not there is still a large enough fan base out there to make the move successful.

Personally, if this really is going to be just a stand-alone movie and doesn't tie into any of the storylines that were never wrapped up (like the war between the aliens) then I'll likely just pass and wait for it to come on cable. I mean, heck, if I want to watch a stand-alone werewolf show then I can just catch a repeat of Kolchak from the 70's on the Chiller channel.
Wouldn't it be more merciful to just let it die? The last movie couldn't even compete with the worts of the series episodes. Just let it go!
Lone Gunman movie would be better.
... at least with TLG it would make sense for a stand-alone story (and likely would've been a lot cheaper to make). Having a movie with Mulder & Scully that doesn't tie up the loose ends from the series just doesn't make sense after all this time.
Mysterious New UFO Pics Probably from X-Files [Viral Marketing]


A set of photographs depicting a beautiful, steampunk-looking UFO hovering over a small Northern California town are most likely from an X-Files viral marketing campaign. These images have zoomed across the web at lightspeed. Some of the first shots that made it onto the net last year showed this ship, pictured, which looks like something out of The Golden Compass. Just recently an anonymous person claiming to be with a "secret project" related to extraterrestrials released schematics of the ship online. Sounds like an X-Files stealth campaign or ARG (alternate reality game). Still, the schematics (below) look really freaking cool.

Here's a closeup up the ship.

And here are a couple schematics from "anonymous."



Please do let this be from the upcoming X-Files movie. Or even better, some other movie that I haven't heard about yet.
UFO Reports Draw National Attention to Capitola [San Jose Mercury News]

(Via IO9)
Carter Offers X-Files Spoilers

Chris Carter, who co-wrote and directed the upcoming X-Files sequel film, offered fans a few tantalizing spoilers for the movie, while his writing partner, Frank Spotnitz, said it would remain true to the show's mythology even though it is a stand-alone story.

In a panel at the William S. Paley Television Festival in Hollywood on March 26, Carter told fans that they will learn bit about what happened to William, the baby of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson), who was given up for adoption in the show's ninth and final season. "It will not go unconsidered in the movie," Carter said.

Carter also revealed why the sequel still does not have a title. "I can't tell you [what it is]," Carter said in response to a question. "Because I don't know, really. I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own. And I know what it should be."

Spotnitz said that the movie will pick up the story of Mulder and Scully six years after the events in the show's finale, which aired in 2002. "In the movie, we wanted it to work for nonfans as well as fans," Spotnitz said. "But we were determined for the fans to honor all the work that these guys did on the series and all the love that people had for the show over the years. And so I think you'll see that, while this is not a mythology movie, it's true to everything that's come before. It's true to Mulder and Scully, who they are, where they would be at this point in their lives and all of the experiences that they've had."

Neither Carter nor Spotnitz would offer many details about the sequel's storyline.

X-Files Trailer Previewed

Chris Carter, who co-wrote and directed the upcoming X-Files sequel film, offered fans a glimpse at a rough cut of the trailer for the movie, which featured the new tagline "Believe Again."

Screened at the William S. Paley Television festival in Hollywood on March 26, the trailer featured a bit of dialogue between Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson):

Mulder: "Scully. I need you on this with me."

Scully: "I know. That's what scares me."

It featured quick cuts of footage of uniformed men searching a snowfield, led by a white-haired man played by Billy Connolly; someone dragging a body; Mulder in a car being hit by another vehicle; a glimpse of cast member Callum Keith Rennie; Scully hitting someone over the head with a blunt object; the discovery of a body buried in ice; and other images, some of which were also previewed at WonderCon in San Francisco last month.

The trailer ends with a voice-over bit of dialogue between Connolly's character and Mulder as viewers see an image of Mulder and Scully climbing out of a helicopter:

Connolly's voice: "Do you believe in these kind of things?"

Mulder's voice: "Let's just say I want to believe."

The finished trailer will debut in movie theaters along with Iron Man on May 2
Did the X-Files really continue into 2002? Wow... thinking back it seemed so long ago I would have bet a lot of money the show ended pre 9/11.
Did the X-Files really continue into 2002? Wow... thinking back it seemed so long ago I would have bet a lot of money the show ended pre 9/11.
I didn't think it survived that long either so I just looked on IMDB... yep, 1993 - 2002. Likely we don't remember it being on as recently as of 2002 is because after Duchovony left as a regular, with Robert "T-1000" Patrick tacking over, Fox kept shuffling it's timeslot around.