Xenolith: free book till 11th November 2009

Here's another free one:

An Urban Fantasy set in the wilderness of Belize?

Check out XENOLITH, a genre-warping ebook novel by A. Sparrow
Available in multiple formats from Kindle (.mobi) to Stanza to PDF

Earth is but a conduit for a parallel world at war. Two sets of exiles -- strangers in strange lands -- swap worlds. An international aid worker hunts for a long-lost wife, while off-world scouts, stranded in a small American town, struggle to stop a plot to open Earth to their enemies.

FREE until November 11 at:
Xenolith, an Ebook by A. Sparrow
An update incorporating some intensive copy edits submitted by readers has been uploaded and should be available to anyone who downloaded a previous version.

Weird, but its actually become the #1 bestseller on Smashwords in two weeks, which says more about the weakness of the ebook market than Xenolith's popularity. Giving it out for free might have something to do with it as well.