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XF Arcade

ERROR: When trying to import a game .zip file, you get an error that "This filter needs the zip extension" in the ACP.

SOLUTION: Your server needs to have zip module for PHP installed.

If you have cPanel on your server, you can install it using the instructions provided by cPanel support.
cPanel Support said:
Installing the zip module for PHP can be done by going to the WHM interface and in the Software section clicking on "Apache Update." Proceed through to step 5, then click "Exhaustive Options list." Under PHP, check the box labeled "Zip." Then click the button to begin the compile process.
If you do not have cPanel on you server, you will need to manually compile your PHP. See the PHP manual page about the zip archive extension.

PHP: Zip - Manual

Be aware that recompiling your PHP is not something you should do unless you are sure you need/want to and are comfortable doing it since doing it incorrectly may cause your server to be unstable or even unusable. If you are not comfortable compiling PHP on your server or are on a hosted server, ask your host for support assistance.


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