XP and LAN, home networking, hell on earth!!!

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so, i had my mate round with his laptop. i have a router, i have a couple of ethernet cables. how hard can it be to connect them together and share folders and net access?

4hrs later and he can use my net, don't know why, but we cant share folders!

the net access was hit and miss, but eventually we got it working by accident and then just didn't try to change everything after that.

the one way i had to share files at LAN speeds?

install ICQ

then in your folders you right click on the file you want to send and you will see in the options an ICQlite file sharing option, pick that and somehow it auto recognises the LAN connection and sends via that, rather than the internet or any other method.

thoroughly frustrated at XP's home networking builtin software now, but at least we finally got him using the net whilst i was on too, plus the sending files at fast speeds!

i inherited the brand new router (wireless as well!) and paid £1 for a second LAN lead (i believe crossed ones are about £10 where you don't need the router, but since i came into possession of a brand new router i wasn't about to start spending more than the cost of local bus fare into town for what i needed to complete the system :))

can i say "never again"? how to small business users cope with this appalling software? are there any third party freeware programs that take the pain out of constructing LAN networks?

mates waiting for his wireless card for his laptop to arrive, guess i then have to setup the network again and include encryption this time (wireless is switched off right now)


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well, whatever help is on offer, and i had a bloke who runs a business writing software and installing it in clients realvncing me to help me setup yesterday, the main hurdle is microsoft software itself, the netwqork wizard!!!!!!

but iwill slowly look through all that so next time my mates round i can tweak it some more