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An Old Friend
What is the most important quality for a sci-fi show? There are so many, but the answer is easy because of executive producer Ron Moore's work on Battlestar Galactica. I want sci-fi shows to be more modern, more real. I picked out some of the changes Moore made that I like--things that make the new Battlestar Galactica more real:
An obvious starting point: Modern means weak male.

* He used Jamie Bamber (Apollo) because of his weak secondary male characteristics--a gracile, almost female face.
* Likewise, he used Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) because of her strong secondary male characteristics--her enormous lantern jaw, hairy chest, etc.
* Totally un-contrived, un-shoehorned strong women roles like this brawling, tobacco chewing Starbuck.
* The Apollo role is further weakened by his weak relationship with Adama.
* The Starbuck role is further strengthened by her constant nut scratching.
* Olmos is great, but Adama's character is clearly subordinate to ... guess what ... a woman, President Strong Woman Character.
* Adama is further weakened by the handoff of most of his leadership qualities to President Strong Woman Character.
* Adama is further weakened by his weak relationship with Apollo.
* Adama is further weakened by the fact that Apollo now has to report directly to President Strong Woman Character as well, as established in the first episode of the series reporting only to Adama would have given the Adama character too much authority.
* Apollo is also weakened by the fact he has to report to President Strong Woman Character. Reporting only to a male would have given the men on the show the appearance of a bit of authority that does not emanate ultimately from women. He must answer to a woman. Otherwise the show won't look real. It won't be modern. And modern means weak male.
* I predict exciting, you-go-girl bonding episodes between badass females and President Strong Woman Character. As with Apollo, a way will be found for them to "report to" her, probably starting on a rocky but mutually respectful, friendship basis--as near equals. But they will eventually resist President Strong Woman Character, resulting in conflict. Since they're women, they can do that.
* The character of Baltar is now weak, totally un-menacing, terrible, and--the worst--uninteresting. He's not even worth hating. That's great!
* James Callis (Baltar) has ... you guessed it ... weak secondary male characteristics. And he's almost effeminate. Uh, did I mention modern means weak male?
And Noballtar is tormented and totally dominated by ... you. cannot. guess. this. one.... not in a million centons ... a big, tall, outrageously beautiful, and striking--oh yeah, and strong--woman!
* In fact, she's about 5 inches taller than Noballtar.
* And this character, played by Tricia Helfer, is the new top-of-the-line badass Cylon! Because a strong male in the role of top Cylon would have been totally un-credible--and inappropriate. After all, we're in modern times here, and modern means weak male. Did I say that? Any male dominance whatsoever just won't sell. It's not real, and the show needed to be more real so people could connect with it.
* Besides, the Cylons never developed the ability to make a male Cylon. So the only two human-looking Cylons are women. It follows. They're the bad guys; therefore, they had to be played by strong, dominant characters. Thus, they're women. Naturally! No other way to do it.
* In keeping with the shows realness, reliable ol' buddy Boomer is now ... a woman too! Brilliant! I never would have thought of that. That is just so much better. This new producer is gooood. Now it feels more modern; it feels real.
* Okay, here's a good one. The relationship dynamic between Boomer and her boyfriend. You'll never guess! Viper pilot Boomer outranks her totally subordinate and emotionally supportive ... grease monkey! And when ordering this whimpering, hurt-puppy-dog-looking boyfriend around, she even hollers. Ha! You did not get that one. I know that.
And it's always important to have an executive producer like Ron Moore who likes to be tied up and whipped by strong women--a couple of nights a week.

These are the things that make me into a devoted fan. If a show has that stuff, I'm hooked.
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