You know you're lazy when...................


Creative Writer
we all have lazy moments, whether it be never getting up before midday, not putting the rubbish out, not putting the toilet seat down.

but have we got any really pathetic ones we've experienced that require so little effort to do that we can call them really, really lazy?

all members, post something this week you've been really lazy at. we don't the standard fare here, we want the unusual, the laughable, things we can all nod at and understand.

so think carefully (yeah! i know that requires a lot of effort!) and put down one lazy moment from this week, maybe come back next week and post again something new you've discovered you've let yourself down with.


Creative Writer
to get the ball rolling...

roughly about 5 or 6 days ago i kicked over a pile of cd's in my living room and only today picked them up and stacked them straight again. I was so lazy i left them where they were and it took like 5 seconds to sort today!


An Old Friend
It's my shoes!
I find if I get up, get dressed and get my coffee, it's not enough. I have to put my shoes on to be my most productive. I won't go in the basement or step out of the house. I will usually sent one of the kids to the store or out for the mail. When I finally do put them on I have to go round catching up on yardwork and stuff.